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The Greater Columbus Arts Council wants to add a 7 percent ticket fee to events at venues catering to more than 400 people on tickets... [Read More]
Compiling their data from media reports, the organization found from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 at least 91 people were killed as a... [Read More]
Tuesday evening, with only a few hours left to register to vote in November's election, the League of Women Voters of Ohio is thrilled with... [Read More]
Looking at numbers from Sept. 29, registrations for almost every age group from 25 to 65+ have increased. [Read More]
There is only enough room for a certain number of official holidays it can recognize as city holidays and Columbus Day has been cut from... [Read More]
If you didn't know it was Columbus Day, or assumed that city employees would be at work today like many other people in central Ohio;... [Read More]
Broke and needing a job to go to graduate school, Brian Garrett worked for Dr. Richard Strauss in 1996 when Garrett says he was sexually... [Read More]
The time limit to bring a case against someone accused of sexual misconduct, other than rape, is two years here in Ohio and some victims... [Read More]
Accusers of an Ohio State University doctor are pushing the legislature to make changes to the statute of limitations laws on sexual assault cases. [Read More]
The fundamental difference between supporters and opponents of issue 1, according to Democrat State Representative Stephanie Howse is: "We believe in treatment over incarceration." [Read More]
Democratic State Representative Stephanie Howse and the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus claim some opponents of Issue 1 are using fear tactics. [Read More]
Gov. Kasich announced he will vote no on Issue 1, saying it "has too many unintended consequences." [Read More]
Issue 1 was designed to reduce the State's prison population by eliminating low-level drug offenses from those being incarcerated. [Read More]
This November, voters get to decide if they think crimes of drug possession and use should be nothing more than a misdemeanor in Ohio. [Read More]
Ohio Governor John Kasich stressed that communication is vital at every level in the effort to keep drugs off our streets. [Read More]
Law enforcement officers from more than a dozen states were in Columbus this week for the Midwest Shield Conference. [Read More]
Self-driving shuttles will begin driving around the city next week when a Michigan-based start-up will begin testing the vehicles on downtown streets. [Read More]
We are inching closer and closer to a world where drivers are no longer needed. [Read More]
The drivers have serious concerns over the safety of the public without a driver present. [Read More]