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New analysis suggests that the bursts originate near massive black holes or neutron stars... [Read More]
The Weimaraner will inspect incoming artwork for beetles, moths and other critters that can damage museum collections... [Read More]
Conservators spent some 92,400 hours cleaning and protecting the great east window's 311 panels... [Read More]
With temperatures hot enough to melt asphalt, the searing heat... [Read More]
Found in a grave in Slovakia in 2006, it is one of Europe's best-preserved ancient gaming boards... [Read More]
The 300-year-old fragments found in Blackbeard's flagship show someone on board was likely literate and interested in sea stories... [Read More]
Over 99 percent of turtle hatchlings in northern Australia are female due to increasing sand and sea temperatures... [Read More]
The skull and two hands were illegally acquired by a tourist in 1927 and were confiscated from an antiquities dealer... [Read More]
Long thought to suffer from smallpox, the genome of the 500-year-old mummy shows signs of HPB... [Read More]
The unprecedented late-season bloom may be linked to warming waters and could be a preview of things to come... [Read More]
The adorable arachnids use specialized scales to break light into its component colors to produce some of nature's tiniest rainbows... [Read More]
An analysis of 8,200 recordings from 137 nations shows nations in sub-Saharan Africa have the most unique rhythms and melodies... [Read More]
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum hoped the $10 million reward would shake loose new clues in the 27-year-old crime... [Read More]
The NEM-2 module would have four cabins, two bathrooms, exercise equipment, WiFi and a lounge with a 16-inch window... [Read More]
Inscriptions on the find imply the gate could be part of a dedication or it could list the names of the legion's commanders or war... [Read More]
The end of Belgian telegrams isn't the end of the service across the world, but it's getting close... [Read More]
A new analysis of Habelia optata could help us understand the history of modern arthropods... [Read More]
The unit will investigate the uptick in looted artifacts flooding the antiquities market... [Read More]
In 2025, the agency will either try to grab a piece of a comet or send a space-helicopter drone to the surface of Saturn's moon... [Read More]
Searching for prehistoric hunting grounds in an unlikely place... [Read More]