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It's possible that 23 bodies remain inside the main cabin of the submarine, which likely hit a mine... [Read More]
The public can vote on their favorite from a list including hugger-mugger, rouzy-bouzy, nickum and sillytonian... [Read More]
In 1983, Soviet lieutenant colonel Stanislav Petrov kept his cool and reported a U.S. missile strike as a false alarm, preventing a massive counterstrike... [Read More]
This morning, the sun emitted two X-class flares, disrupting GPS and radio signals... [Read More]
After 25 years and millions of dollars, the coast-to-coast hiking, biking and paddling trail has an official route... [Read More]
On Sunday, residents living within a mile of the site left their homes while the 4,000-pound... [Read More]
The Gaia star surveyor captured a densely packed area near the center of the galaxy... [Read More]
Archaeologists tested three methods the early hominins could have used to get tar from birch bark... [Read More]
Standing water is breeding billions of post-hurricane mosquitoes, which could transmit diseases like the West Nile Virus... [Read More]
Researchers have found that the rainfall, sunshine and the threat of frost or overheating set the maximum size for leaves... [Read More]
Residue from pots found in a Sicilian cave show grape wine was produced 3,000 years earlier than thought... [Read More]
Literally. [Read More]
The new cosmic blasts may help researchers finally figure out what's producing the energy in space... [Read More]
Zebra fish and humans have similar pathways of addiction, which may make them ideal test subjects for addiction studies... [Read More]
One of 42 Ming-era graves unearthed in Fuzhou is believed to belong to Tang Xianzu, who penned 'The Peony Pavilion'... [Read More]
A new study suggests shearwaters follow their nose home... [Read More]
The groundbreaking mathematician and computer scientist who spent 2 years at Princeton wrote that he 'detests America' in newly found documents... [Read More]
The stinging insects are floating around Texas floodwaters in giant mats... [Read More]
New footage is helping researchers untangle the meaning behind these tuxedo-clad birds' calls... [Read More]
Early horses had 15 toes, but life on the plains led to a stronger center toe, leading to life on four hooves... [Read More]