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X-rays have revealed the last bit of... [Read More]
Expect 10 to 25 shooting stars per hour as the planet passes through the debris of comet Tempel-Tuttle... [Read More]
Orbiting the star Ross 128, our new planetary neighbor is thought to be temperate, with days up to a balmy 68 degrees Fahrenheit... [Read More]
One of many Nelson portraits by Leonardo Guzzardi, the painting has been restored to include his war wounds... [Read More]
Commissioned by a local politician, it sheds light on the relationship between Rome and its outlying territories... [Read More]
The queen, who was deposed by a coup led by American sugar planters, died 100 years ago, but is by no means forgotten... [Read More]
Conservationists are attemping a risky last-ditch plan to move the remaining creatures to a sanctuary in the Gulf of California... [Read More]
Social media and ISIS have combined to flood the web with thousands of questionable artifacts... [Read More]
Warming in the stratosphere has kept away ozone-killing chemicals, reducing annual thinning for the last two years... [Read More]
The fossil is an unusually complete individual of an ancient giraffid species... [Read More]
X-ray bursts from the poles are expected to line up, but the south is regular while the north produces haphazard bursts... [Read More]
The engraving on the Pylos Combat Agate is so tiny and intricate that it changes our understanding of what the ancient Greeks could produce... [Read More]
New data from Proxima Centauri shows it has a ring of cold dust—a sign that many planets may orbit the distant star... [Read More]
The experiment in reforestation involves spreading native seeds instead of planting saplings... [Read More]
While it's challenging to imply one caused the other, a new study shows that mammals came into the light of day soon after the dinos... [Read More]
Researchers propose that irregularities in the core's rotation could spawn clusters of major quakes... [Read More]
A new analysis looks at the thousands of images found in caves on Mona Island, a spiritual hub for the Taino culture... [Read More]
Corals are attracted to the material not for its coloring, but for one of its many chemicals... [Read More]
From sea stars to mathematical braids, scientists translate their work into hot moves and killer choreography... [Read More]
The British Antarctic Survey's Halley VI research station will close for the second year due to cracking of the ice... [Read More]