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The VA's Togus health center puts on the summer exhibition after veterans ask for more opportunities to show their work. [Read More]
The longer the state has low temperatures, the greater the threat of a quick melt that could cause flooding. [Read More]
Scrummy Afters' owners hope to have their shop on the road to fairs and other events in April. [Read More]
The extravagant watercraft have seating for 12 to 16 passengers, multiple spaces for sunbathers and ample storage. [Read More]
The incident resulted in the deaths of two people, including a man who fired several rounds from a handgun at officers following a reported home... [Read More]
Nearly 60 veterans take part in the annual event, which showcases passions born of creativity. [Read More]
Sunday's fundraiser is the latest effort to repair The Olde Mill Place after it was damaged in October's storm. [Read More]
About 65 teams join the fun Saturday, often dressed strangely and with strange team names to match. [Read More]
Snow could fall at 1 to 2 inches per hour at times Wednesday, with up to a foot falling across much of the state. [Read More]
After an ice jam in Farmingdale caused riverside flooding in Augusta and Hallowell, emergency management is changing protocols. [Read More]
On the Kennebec, Coast Guard vessels break more ice and push chunks of it downstream. [Read More]
Cold weather Wednesday night caused additional ice to flow downstream and accumulate in Augusta. [Read More]
ABOARD THE USCGC TACKLE — Two U.S. Coast Guard cutters took turns for nearly two hours Wednesday barreling full speed toward the only thing between... [Read More]
Ice breaking operations are underway Wednesday morning in central Maine as two 65-foot U.S. Coast Guard ice breakers work their way up the Kennebec River.... [Read More]
Two ice-breaking tugs were on the Kennebec River on Tuesday ahead of a larger vessel later this week, a U.S. Coast Guard official said. The... [Read More]
Meanwhile, downtown Augusta and Hallowell remain vulnerable to midwinter river flooding. [Read More]
A conference call among the Coast Guard, MEMA and the Kennebec County Emergency Management Agency is scheduled for Friday morning. [Read More]
The river dropped below flood level Thursday afternoon, but a meteorologist said it's likely to climb back above the mark and stay there for the... [Read More]
Hallowell officials and business owners asked if anything could have been done to minimize damage to vehicles and businesses along Front Street. [Read More]
An unoccupied SUV nearly submerged was among the scenes Sunday morning as the extent of flooding apparently caught officials off guard. [Read More]