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The streaming service neutralized competitors by relying on taste clusters rather than demographics. But there have been missteps, too. [Read More]
Adding to the booming genre of comedian documentaries, this film is an affectionate portrait of one of the first major stars of "Saturday Night Live." [Read More]
The streaming service neutralized Comedy Central and HBO by relying on taste clusters rather than traditional demographics. But there have been major missteps, too. [Read More]
For his new set on HBO, Drew Michael drops the audience and adds a fictional girlfriend. The result is sarcastic club humor that feels like... [Read More]
A couple's blissful vacation turns dark in Colin Minihan's film. [Read More]
Dominque Rocher's feature debut finds new ways to drain all the fun out of flesh-eating monsters. [Read More]
The comedian has made a career of directing film and TV, trying to leave behind the wild-eyed persona he became famous for. Still, fans ask,... [Read More]
So many stand-up specials are released these days that it is easy to miss how radically the art form has evolved.Part of the reason Ali... [Read More]
A Netflix experiment delivers bite-sized comedy sets, proving that the funniest comics are the ones we've never heard of. [Read More]
Instead of hourlong specials, these bite-sized sets let you in on one of comedy's biggest secrets: the funniest stand-ups are the ones you've never heard... [Read More]
The diverse stand-ups on his show, "Totally Biased," are making names for themselves now, comics whose style suits Trump-era pop culture. [Read More]
The British stand-up Ashley Blaker attempts the balancing act of making religious and secular audiences laugh while poking fun at the devout. [Read More]
Matthew Miele's documentary about the Carlyle Hotel, on the Upper East Side, is more interested in burnishing a reputation than in exploring it. [Read More]
Mocking Carrot Top is a venerable comedy tradition. "South Park" and Norm Macdonald were merciless, but Bill Hicks got there first, burying that redheaded comic... [Read More]
He's the comedian whom comedians make fun of. So, how has Carrot Top had 13 years of sold-out shows? We investigate. [Read More]
Thanks to sharp bits about gender roles she's on the cusp of stand-up comedy's A-list, the rare working mother to make the cut. Every step... [Read More]
This film about Roxanne Shante has an intimate indie vibe nicely suited to its subject: rap stardom in the days before hip-hop culture went global. [Read More]
The Australian stand-up Hannah Gadsby examines a culture that excuses abuse and takes on comedy's pieties. Laughter is not good medicine, in her view. [Read More]
Nell Scovell is a Hollywood insider who has taken on entrenched sexism... [Read More]
Nell Scovell is the rare woman in TV comedy writers' rooms, and while she welcomes the current reckoning brought on by #MeToo, she is wary... [Read More]