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The Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin agreed on a new contract to sell Patriot missiles to foreign countries. [Read More]
The race to represent Wisconsin's first congressional district is being funded almost entirely by voters and entities outside of Wisconsin. [Read More]
Only a handful of Republican politicians who received donations from casino boss Wynn, recently exposed for alleged sexual misconduct, have announced they will donate that... [Read More]
A new poll shows the Texas senator's Democratic challenger pulling within single digits. Is it because he doesn't take PAC money, and Cruz does? [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing rules on how a specific slice of radio frequency spectrum is licensed, even though new rules were just adopted... [Read More]
The company that manufactures tasers changed its name in an effort to expand its body-camera business and avoid the risks associated with the weapons business. [Read More]
The FBI has started a new probe into alleged pay-to-play activities involving the Clinton Foundation. Here's a summary of the key reporting on the potential... [Read More]
Losing your job is never a good thing. But younger workers who live close to their parents are more likely to  recover financially from that... [Read More]
A new study of millennials finds that losing your job isn't as detrimental to your long-term financial well-being if you live in the same neighborhood... [Read More]
Experts argue President Trump could have closed the loophole the same way he has slashed regulations and restricted immigration: through an executive order. But the... [Read More]
TV Station KHON2 in Hawaii reported that two friends of 60 years found out just in time for Christmas that they are actually biological... [Read More]
The price of Reddcoin, a largely unheard of cryptocurrency, has spiked over 650 percent in the last week, with most of that jump coming in the... [Read More]
The virtually unheard-of cryptocurrency's price shot up over 650 percent in the past week. Its most dramatic rise came in the last 24 hours as... [Read More]
IBT reporting on special provisions in the tax bill that could enrich the lawmakers who voted on it prompted questions about whether the practice is... [Read More]
On the eve of the FCC's vote, some prominent GOP lawmakers are now demanding the net neutrality rules be preserved. [Read More]
Bahrain and the Untied Arab Emirates both received multi-billion dollar arms deals this year, furthering the Saudi-led war in Yemen. An IBT review of federal... [Read More]
Local governments and consumer protection groups wrote to the FCC Monday morning, asking the commission to delay its scheduled Dec. 14 vote on chairman Ajit... [Read More]
Documents reviewed by IBT show Bermuda and the Cayman Islands trying to prevent a crackdown on offshore tax maneuvers. [Read More]
Trump's move to kill "net neutrality" rules has drawn outrage — but an obscure lawsuit could remove all the internet's remaining free speech and consumer... [Read More]
The chemical company whose plant suffered multiple explosions during Hurricane Harvey has been sued by the Harris County Attorney's Office, seeking $1 million and changes... [Read More]