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A few weeks back, a black bishop preached a sermon that made headlines in the New York Times and the BBC. [Read More]
I got a late start on Lent this year. Ash Wednesday found me traveling to a warm and sunny place, which is not conducive to... [Read More]
What makes a good Christmas for you? [Read More]
It's happened again. A man shot up an innocent gathering, killing a lot of people with weapons designed solely for that purpose, politicians offered their... [Read More]
I missed Ash Wednesday this year. I love the worship – the kneeling, the gritty cross on my forehead, the reminder that I am dust,... [Read More]
"The church is the church only when it exists for others." [Read More]
It's going to be a great concert: Jackson Browne, Rosanne Cash, Eddie Vedder, Dolce Canto, Missoula's Gay Men's Chorus, UM musicians and an ecumenical church... [Read More]
Saturday was no big deal. That is, Holy Saturday – today – had nothing churchy to it when I was a kid. It was sandwiched... [Read More]