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Thanksgiving is on the horizon. [Read More]
As I caught myself mumbling, inserting an occasional colorful metaphor about the stupid auto-correct feature on my cell phone, I remembered I have a thing... [Read More]
In the past few weeks I've been asked by a few different people about how I decide what I'm going to write in my columns.... [Read More]
It always amazes me when I run across something written that seems to capture my mood or reflections. [Read More]
Customer service. [Read More]
On another sleep-challenged night I decided to channel surf and do some reading. [Read More]
Recently I heard a phrase attributed to Holman Jenkins, a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board. [Read More]
I recently had multiple errands to run which took me to just about every part of the Cody area. [Read More]
Whichever political persuasion one espouses, I would think most have reached the limit of their normal sensibilities. [Read More]
It's a Sunday morning and I have just received my fifth scam robo-call. [Read More]
Is anyone else tired and disconsolate about the tone and language used today? [Read More]
I was recently reviewing my list before going to the store when it suddenly hit me that I really don't like shopping. [Read More]
I'm assuming everyone has had "one of those days." [Read More]
A book published in the early 1980s became a staple in many Fortune 500 and other companies. [Read More]
Even though football season is over and we're now in the midst of March Madness, something reminded me of a thought I had during Super... [Read More]
With another snowy day in Wyoming recently I decided I couldn't put off doing my taxes and other assorted mundane chores most of us want... [Read More]
"It's to show there's no going back." [Read More]
Me and critters. [Read More]
I have an embarrassing admission to make. [Read More]
Wyoming clouds. [Read More]