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More than 800 New Orleans residents have filed flood insurance claims in the days since the Aug. 5 deluge that overwhelmed the city's drainage system... [Read More]
The Sewerage & Water Board was incapable of dealing with the pace of a series of crises that culminated in breakdowns in pumping and power... [Read More]
Newly released logs suggest that some of the city's operable drainage pumps sat idle for hours during last weekend's rain and flooding, potentially compounding problems... [Read More]
A fire at the power plant that keeps New Orleans' drainage pumps running left the city's stormwater system hanging by a thread Thursday, dealing another... [Read More]
Two Sewerage & Water Board members resigned their seats on the board Thursday, with one criticizing Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration for what he described as... [Read More]
Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration is looking to bring in a private company to temporarily run the Sewerage & Water Board in the aftermath of the... [Read More]
A fire at a turbine that powers New Orleans drainage system has left much of the city vulnerable to flooding from storms over the next... [Read More]
New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board Executive Director Cedric Grant, who announced he would step down amid mounting criticism of his agency's handling of Saturday's... [Read More]
Among the questions still swirling after Tuesday's explosive revelation that two Sewerage & Water Board pumping stations were far below their maximum capacity during Saturday's... [Read More]
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New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board Director Cedric Grant, who announced he will retire amid mounting criticism of his agency's handling of Saturday's flood, will... [Read More]
Pumping stations serving the two New Orleans neighborhoods hit hardest by Saturday's flood were operating at barely above half their full capacity, officials admitted Tuesday,... [Read More]
The flooding in New Orleans on Saturday happened even though the drainage system was working as it was supposed to and didn't have any unexpected... [Read More]
Shootings and murders are up, armed robberies are grabbing headlines and the New Orleans Police Department remains badly understaffed. [Read More]
Major roadwork on the first eight blocks of Bourbon Street will start Monday under a revised schedule that will see two blocks at a time... [Read More]
The rebuilding of Bourbon Street is at least two months behind schedule, in part due heavier-than usual rains and major problems discovered during construction that... [Read More]
New Orleans will largely be carrying over its existing budget into 2018, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced as he unveiled a $647 million spending plan on... [Read More]
New Orleans mayoral candidates offered few surprises Saturday as they vied for the endorsement of the Independent Women's Organization. [Read More]
Charles and Richard Meyer are betting big on Desiree Charbonnet. [Read More]
The New Orleans City Council on Thursday approved a long list of mostly noncontroversial amendments to the city's master plan. But it called on the... [Read More]