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While Trump praises North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, experts suspect he is gaming the United States. Maybe he's gaming American voters, too. [Read More]
In the path of the storm and subsequent flooding are nearly 10 million endangered pigs -- and their manure pits. [Read More]
Is Mia right about Woody? Is Soon-Yi lying about Mia? What about all the other kids? Evidently they all need to rehearse their neuroses in... [Read More]
Inflation in food prices never augurs well for China's rulers -- so Xi Jinping may not have been thrilled by a recent jump of almost... [Read More]
That anonymous Trump administration staffer who lambasted him in the New York Times isn't exactly courageous. But neither is he. [Read More]
In the 2018 midterm, no spectacle is more revealing than desperate Ted Cruz pleading for help from Donald Trump, a man he despises. [Read More]
Jeff Danziger lives in New York City. He is represented by CWS Syndicate and the Washington Post Writers Group. He is the recipient of the... [Read More]
Despite promises of sweeping reform by Pope Francis, Catholics are increasingly incensed and alienated over reports exposing the prevalence of child sex abuse by priests. [Read More]
August 21 will be remembered as the date of the criminal conviction of the president's campaign manager and personal lawyer. Uh-oh. [Read More]
Calling Omarosa a "dog" on only served to emphasize Trump's own racism and misogyny rather than her perfidy. They're both wonderful people. [Read More]
Whatever the jurors pondering the fate of Paul Manafort may decide, his trial has left an indelible impression of his character and taste. [Read More]
Too bad John Kelly had to fire Omarosa, who went on to write a sensational backstabbing memoir. She was perfect for Trump's White House. [Read More]
Known as Marble Man, Gen. Lee would disdain the Trumpist fetish for Confederate monuments. But it isn't really about him, is it? [Read More]
Three Russian reporters investigating Kremlin-connected mercenaries in the Central African Republic were shot. It's what the experts do. [Read More]
As revealed in trial evidence, Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort's costly taste in mob-style clothes and jackets of reptile skin is tacky...and fitting. [Read More]
Forever evading Robert Mueller, Trump still pretends he might sit for an interview with the special counsel. He's not scared! Just panicked. [Read More]
What is Trump's aim amid all the chaos and craziness? While he blusters for our entertainment, his rich cronies loot the Treasury. [Read More]
When Steve Bannon talks, who listens? Certainly not the bazillionaire Koch brothers, who resent the havoc Trump's tariffs inflict on their industries. [Read More]
Endlessly provoking our allies and trading partners, Trump seems determined to create a world hostile to America. [Read More]
(EDITORS: This editorial cartoon is included as part of your Washington Post News Service subscription.) [Read More]