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Stone is in blatant contempt of court. His conditional release should be revoked. Lock him up! [Read More]
It would do both Trump and Graham some good if Graham reads the U.S. Constitution to the president who doesn't read. Specifically, Article 1... [Read More]
Humpty Trumpty sounded like he had fallen off his wall of lies launching into an unsettling sing-song stream of consciousness to declare a National Emergency... [Read More]
A political attack isn't destroying Budish's reputation, indictments of three of his former and current administration officials is damaging his reputation. Lethal mismanagement of... [Read More]
Roses are red, violets are blue, so are the faces of taxpayers...under the new Trump tax plan. [Read More]
Long disparaged by Trump, The New York Times and Andrew McCabe have now given him justification for firing Rod Rosenstein. [Read More]
The day before President Trump showed empathy with Hurricane Florence victims, Hurricane Donald struck Attorney General Jeff Sessions again. [Read More]
Christine Blasey Ford will not attend Monday's hearing, despite assurances she would be treated with respect not shown in Don Jr.'s mocking Instagram post. [Read More]
Manafort trading in his Ostrich jacket for a Canary jacket, from the Mueller government issued collection, was a wise move and worst development, to date,... [Read More]
Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to category 2. Hurricane Trump's dehumanizing callousness remains a category 10, threatening to go higher. [Read More]
This illustration, released in 2010, shows the concept for Dan Gilbert's proposed casino across from The Q arena and behind Tower City.Jeff Darcy, ... [Read More]
When Military parade lover Trump didn't see any nuclear weapons in North Korea's parade, Duped Donald saw it as a sign of Kim Jong Un's... [Read More]
Crime shouldn't pay, on the streets or in the executive offices of major networks. CBS's Moonves payout show needs to be canceled. [Read More]
Woodward and Anonymous echo and confirm previously written accounts that the Emperor, Trump, has no clothes... [Read More]
All Kavanaugh had to do his shake Fred Guttenberg's hand and express empathy. It would have taken a few seconds and some humanity. [Read More]
John McCain's final letter and the eulogies delivered at his memorial service, proved the "Straight Talk" wasn't just a campaign slogan. [Read More]
Trump responded to the Puerto Rico news during a brief lull in his tweet storm hitting Jeff Sessions, Don McGahn, Google, Facebook, Lester Holt, NBC,... [Read More]
It's appropriate that the flag should be hung upside down and lowered to bottom staff to mark the nation's distress and the death of... [Read More]
The worst Trump news might end up being the immunity deals granted to David Pecker and Allen Weisselberg, and comments made by Manafort juror-Trump... [Read More]
If you want to see a real leader, statesman,patriot...American war hero, look at John McCain's life and legacy... [Read More]