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The federal budget is divided into three categories: discretionary, mandatory and interest payments. After adjusting for inflation and using 2009 dollars, discretionary spending has doubled... [Read More]
With rising inflation, reaching the millionaire threshold is no longer as big of a deal as it used to be. The $50 million benchmark —... [Read More]
Getty Images Recreational cannabis has become a major industry in California. The price of cannabis in California has become an immediate hiccup... [Read More]
Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters There are 7.1 million households in the country that have investable assets of $1 million or more. This gives... [Read More]
Jason Smith/Getty Images Demographic trends across county are vastly different around the US. The Midwest and Southeast seem to have a higher distribution... [Read More]
but to hedge their bets, these companies also are in constant negotiations to gobble up new startups that could be strategic to their futures.See the... [Read More]
Richard Heyes/Flickr Although rents are rising everywhere, some cities are seeing clear separation from the rest of the pack. Only two cities in... [Read More]
Lucas Jackson/Reuters Growth investing may sound risky, but there's a sound way to do it. Just a few great investments can do... [Read More]
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst The Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River make up the most crucial North American trade corridor today. $77.4 billion worth... [Read More]
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton There have been numerous trade fights throughout history. Most trade fights only cause economic effects on the involved countries. But... [Read More]
Flickr / Jared Kelly The list of the world's 20 most-populated cities will look a lot different in 2100 than it does today.... [Read More]
Cafe X The US and China dominate global tech. Apple is the closest stock to hit a market cap pf $1 trillion.... [Read More]
California, New York, and Florida have the best funded start-ups in the country. Uber has more than $15 billion in equity funding, more than all... [Read More]
Wikimedia Commons Cities that are home to great technological advancements are atop the list. San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York are... [Read More]
Cafe X Automation wil cause job losses, but inevitably it'll cause job gains in certain areas. The skills needed during the automation... [Read More]
Reuters Conflicts, homicides, terrorism and other violence can hurt productivity. The economic impact of violence to the global economy was more than 12%... [Read More]
AP Images Protectionism is rising around the world. Countries with the biggest stakes in international trade will hurt the most. China and the... [Read More]
The most wealthy entrepreneurs in the world got to where they by taking very different paths. Some of them even had to get through multiple... [Read More]
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images In 1861, it's estimated that half of the banknotes in circulation were forgeries. In a more digital world, the way... [Read More]
REUTERS/Eloy Alonso The longest bull market so far was during the Clinton era, from November 1990 to March 2000. According to analysis... [Read More]