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The disappearance and apparent assassination of Jamal Khashoggi have disrupted the Saudi government's charm offensive in the United States. Think tanks are returning Saudi money. [Read More]
The agency usually protects its sources and methods. But it recently disclosed the name of Richard Gibson, a man of letters who became a spy. [Read More]
MoveOn claims that if Trump fires Mueller, protesters will mount more than "Nobody Is Above the Law" rallies in 900 cities and towns around the... [Read More]
Of all the fascinating and weird things about the JFK assassination story, the veil of official secrecy that still surrounds the subject a half-century later... [Read More]
Three-thousand Google employees have signed a letter protesting the internet giant's contract with the Defense Department to develop artificial intelligence in order to analyze imagery... [Read More]
Mueller has pinned down Trump with two grand juries, issuing a wide net of indictments on diverse charges that have kept the president off-balance. The... [Read More]
With the Washington Post's revelation that President Trump is not the "subject" of criminal investigation, special prosecutor Robert Mueller's strategy for completing his probe is... [Read More]
For John Bolton, warmongering abroad and partisan politics at home go hand in hand. As Bolton has advocated waging war on Iran and North Korea... [Read More]
Trump's previous defenses have been overwhelmed by an avalanche of facts. The president's claim that the charges of collusion between his campaign and the Russian... [Read More]
But what the candidates stand for (and against) is arguably less important at this early juncture than the campaign strategies they choose to pursue. Here... [Read More]
Haspel is the first woman to head the clandestine service in its 71-year history. She is the first director in 30 years to come from... [Read More]
The details of the furtive machinations of the Trump entourage and the coterie of Vladimir Putin, from Trump Tower to the Seychelles Islands, brings to... [Read More]
Listen carefully in Washington and you'll hear the sound of a coming war in the Middle East. "We must stop Iran and we will stop... [Read More]
The rich specificity of the emerging Trump-Russia narrative, found in the indictments of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, is now smothering the president's defenses, overwhelming his counterattacks and... [Read More]
"We must stop Iran and we will stop Iran," declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday at the American Israeli Political Action Committee's annual conference... [Read More]
Delivered to The Israel Lobby and American Policy 2018 conference March 2, 2018 at the National Press Club The Israel Lobby and American Policy conference... [Read More]
Is the Mueller investigation pushing him toward the nuclear button?... [Read More]
The terror attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that claimed 17 lives on Valentine's Day shows all the marks of the so-called Lone White... [Read More]
The unveiling of portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama in the National Portrait Gallery Monday contrasted painfully with the images flowing out of the White... [Read More]
With time running out, with her own team wavering and media attention wandering, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did something that no other Democrat would.... [Read More]