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The writer's archive, which has just been bought by Yale, includes his voluminous diaries and other private handmade books. [Read More]
One year later, artists in Puerto Rico and those attached to the island talk about how the devastation and its aftermath influenced their work. [Read More]
After writing a shelf of books mining forgotten incidents and obscure lives, the Harvard scholar and New Yorker writer offers history on a grand scale. [Read More]
An outdoor production that draws from the Hudson Valley community aims to unearths the strangeness in Washington Irving's classic story. [Read More]
How a random late-night online search led to new discoveries about the poet's birth and early years. [Read More]
The possible existence of three unpublished chapters has been a source of intrigue, and now at least one of them has surfaced. [Read More]
A recently discovered bill of sale from 1811 suggests the famously tart novelist may have attracted interest in high places from the start. [Read More]
The historian Martha S. Jones talks about how the 19th-century drive for African-American citizenship connects with today's immigration debate. [Read More]
From Victoria's neat cursive to Rasputin's illegible scrawl, a Morgan Library & Museum show celebrates the quirky traces left by the hands of notable historical... [Read More]
Many people fantasize about a valuable piece of history emerging unexpectedly out of a trunk. For Gil Wells, something like that happened in the summer... [Read More]
The top flutist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra has filed a gender pay discrimination suit against the ensemble, claiming that her compensation is only about... [Read More]
The Boston Symphony Orchestra's principal flutist says in a lawsuit that her pay is only 75 percent that of the principal oboist, who is a... [Read More]
New study finds that expressions of gratitude can be rare. [Read More]
Documents detailing the first lady's itinerary and clothing choices on the day of her husband's assassination were donated to the JFK library in Boston, where... [Read More]
The notes, unearthed in 2015, were deeded to the U.S. government in March 2016. Since then, they have been housed at the John F. Kennedy... [Read More]
Her packing list for the trip in November 1963 surfaced two years ago. Since then, it has sat at the Kennedy library: unnoticed, unpublicized —... [Read More]
Dr. Faust, a historian and the outgoing president of Harvard, was cited for work exploring "themes of deep relevance to our national conversation on race... [Read More]
He portrayed Hamlet. With "Patrick Melrose," adapted from Edward St. Aubyn's novels, Mr. Cumberbatch plays another messed-up rich kid with daddy issues. [Read More]
Kristen Gibbons Feden talks about her fiery closing argument and the moment she accused Mr. Cosby of laughing. "I'm thinking, 'Are you kidding me?'" she... [Read More]
The Goodman Theater's five-and-a-half-hour stage adaptation of Roberto Bolaño's mammoth, seemingly unstageable novel will be available for at least two years. [Read More]