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It was during one of my very first visits to the region that I heard about restaurant weeks.It's one of those things we didn't have... [Read More]
Many of Brandon Alberto Carreiro's family and friends will be making the 40-minute trip to Providence this weekend to see him perform with the national... [Read More]
The town I last lived in, population 29,000, had five Mexican restaurants, each doing a thriving business.In fact, as I look back, the last three... [Read More]
One of the delightful things about living in the SouthCoast area is the number of locally-owned restaurants, bars, diners and assorted eateries in the region.Coming... [Read More]
After making waves in the United Kingdom and his native New Zealand, Tape Face came to America's attention on the 11th season of America's Got... [Read More]
A week ago, Dartmouth's stout defense was able to lift the Indians to victory despite just a single score from the offense.It was a feat... [Read More]
Some restaurants seem to be missing one key ingredient in an enjoyable dining experience.Light.I understand the desire to set a mood. And I know that... [Read More]
They say variety is the spice of life.I'm not sure I'm on board with they.I grew up hearing about the jack of all trades, who... [Read More]
The best restaurant finds are the small, unassuming, wonderful places that make you feel like you know the best secret ever.That's  why Diners, Drive-Ins and... [Read More]
Want to try some great BBQ? Amazing canolis? Mouthwatering tacos? Legendary ice cream? Delicious seafood? Crazy cupcakes? Portuguese classics?Yeah. Everyone does.Do you think those things... [Read More]
When reviewing El Mariachi, I wrote about the quest to find a go-to Mexican restaurant to replace a favorite neighborhood spot back in Kentucky.My girlfriend,... [Read More]
The modest exterior gives way to a cozy interior with a small bar near the door and a dining room featuring booths along the far... [Read More]
Everyone loves to tell you about their favorite restaurant.In the age of Yelp, Trip Adviser, Facebook reviews and all the rest, I still find that... [Read More]
There are no shortage of historic, beautiful buildings to enjoy a wonderful dinner on the SouthCoast.From barns turned breakfast spots to downtown dining favorites in... [Read More]
The menu is chock-full of Italian favorites. [Read More]
comfort restaurants.I'm... [Read More]
Over the year I've lived in New England, I've learned not to pursue the comfort foods of my youth.It's better to embrace the best of... [Read More]
The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar does New Englanders proud. [Read More]
I would like to say I go into each Dine Out restaurant with no expectations. I suppose I could say that, but it wouldn't be... [Read More]
A Massachusetts-based event company is bringing a trendy new addition to New Bedford's slate of summertime festivals.The city will host a Food Truck and Craft... [Read More]