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Vivian Medina, of Bioversity International, Leonela Carriedo, a researcher in the seed industry, and Sarah Dohle, of Delaware Valley University - started a seed releif... [Read More]
While many readers were basically in agreement with my arguments, a good number also took issue with them. This certainly didn't surprise me, and I've... [Read More]
I used to feel a certain smug superiority about my ability to go without adequate sleep. I now blush to admit that I regarded myself... [Read More]
It's most here. [Read More]
In this week's Ask the Pet Vet, Carol Erickson talks with Dr. Jennifer Feiner Groon about problems and danger lurking in your horse's fields. [Read More]
In columnist Jerry Jonas's view, the language used by "real Philadelphians" — Philly Speak — is something other than English. [Read More]
Kris Ballerini gets a few self-defense tips from martial arts expert, Mike Andrus. [Read More]
He was late for our first date, and not just by a few minutes, but by an hour. I was in the process of telling... [Read More]
Celebrate back-to-school season at the library with fabulous fall programs for students of all ages — and little ones, too. [Read More]
These seven "Wonders of Bucks and Montgomery Counties" are places — both natural and man-made — that are unique to the counties. [Read More]
My old friend Joycie doesn't cry easily. Especially in public. [Read More]
In this week's Ask the Pet Vet, Carol Erickson talks to Dr. Jennifer Feiner Groon about first aid care for wounds in horses. [Read More]
Liz Riegel interviews author and historian Carl LaVO about his career working for newspapers. [Read More]
Join us as we Discover Doylestown Township, home of Henry Chapman Mercer's famous Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum. There's boutiques, like the Chrystal Cottage on... [Read More]
In this week's Ask the Pet Vet, Carol Erickson asks Wildlife Rehabilitator Lori Swanson about raccoons and what to do if you find one of... [Read More]
In this encore episode of Ask the Pet Vet, Carol Erickson asks Dr. Anjali Bandekar from New Britain Veterinary Clinic all about dental health and... [Read More]
Fifty years ago last Thursday, a total of 34 young Americans died, and another 171 were wounded in one of the most controversial incidents in... [Read More]
Flora and Chester Gursky of Levittown will celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary on June 1st. [Read More]
In this week's Ask the Pet Vet, Carol Erickson talks with wild life animal rehabilitator Lori Swanson from Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge about what to... [Read More]
Columnist Jerry Jonas shares his recollections of recently deceased Phillies Hall of Famer Jim Bunning, including his legendary battles with Ted Williams. [Read More]