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"This fine should serve as a wake-up call for all companies whose business models are based on data exploitation to take data protection and individuals'... [Read More]
"If giving water to someone dying of thirst is illegal, what humanity is left in the law of this country?" [Read More]
"History has clearly taught us that the government will exploit technologies like face surveillance to target communities of color, religious minorities, and immigrants." [Read More]
New documents reveal the US government's secret rules for using Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court orders to spy on reporters... [Read More]
"U.S. border policy on pot is about to get even stupider." [Read More]
Energy Transfer Partners agreed to halt construction on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline on private property ahead of a court hearing. [Read More]
The Trump administration held secret meetings with rebellious military officers from Venezuela to discuss overthrowing Nicolás Maduro. [Read More]
The human rights violations committed against Rohingya undoubtedly amount to the gravest crimes under international law. [Read More]
"Lawmakers are rightly demanding answers. But they should also act immediately to overrule Ajit Pai's corrupt gutting of net neutrality." [Read More]
For the second time this year, Facebook suspended teleSUR English's page, claiming the Latin American news network violated their TOS. [Read More]
A secret report reveals "air force, naval, and intelligence officers" mistook 4 boys who were playing on a beach in Gaza for Hamas militants. [Read More]
Government cables "read like torture journaling," critics said after reviewing the torture details that CIA interrogators used. [Read More]
Rashida Tlaib is running for the seat formerly held by Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers, who retired in December. [Read More]
73 years ago today, the U.S. dropped the "Little Boy" on Hiroshima. 100,000 to 180,000 people were killed out of a population of 350,000. [Read More]
A series of natural gas pipeline explode in Texas, hospitalizing 7 people with injuries & highlighting the risks of transporting fossil fuels. [Read More]
Mexico's President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador elicited praise from environmentalists for promising to outlaw hydraulic fracturing. [Read More]
An Amnesty International staffer was "targeted by a sophisticated surveillance campaign" using a Israeli cyber intelligence firm's tool. [Read More]
An ongoing investigation into the water crisis in Flint found the death toll may be much than the official number reported by Michigan. [Read More]
"In a single day the Trump administration has firmly steered the U.S. onto a path of confrontation with Iran." [Read More]
Autonomous weapons "could become powerful instruments of violence and oppression" and "easily spark an arms race" worldwide. [Read More]