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When I was hearing about the conference at Wheaton on evangelicalism and Trump, I was hopeful somehow a statement would come out. What came out... [Read More]
Human language. However many other aspects of human nature and behavior we find among animals on earth, human capacity for language remains unique. The capacity... [Read More]
Andrew Root's big thesis, in Faith Formation in a Secular Age, is that the Age of Obligation gave way to the Age of Authenticity, though... [Read More]
By Todd Dildine, who is a pastor at a small neighborhood church in Uptown, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. He is most... [Read More]
One of the most important, if not cutting edge, elements of D. Bruce Hindmarsh's excellent new book, (The Spirit of Early Evangelicalism), is that evangelicalism... [Read More]
Tammie Joe Shults: The pilot's voice was calm yet focused as her plane descended with 149 people on board. "Southwest 1380, we're single engine," said Capt.... [Read More]