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U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III Saturday endorsed Paul Feeney of Foxboro in the local special election for state Senate. [Read More]
Patrick Collins weighed less than three pounds when he was born prematurely in 1997. [Read More]
Walter Cryan devoted 50 years of his life to broadcast news and now says he is glad he is out of business. [Read More]
Republicans and Democrats plan to bring out their big party guns to campaign in a local special election for state Senate. [Read More]
Voters will be offered a clear choice between an unabashed Democratic fan of Bernie Sanders and an outspoken conservative Republican in an Oct. 17 special... [Read More]
Water is the wave of the future at Brennan Middle School where students are taking on a challenge to drink more of it and less... [Read More]
As state Senate candidates begin their last push toward the Sept. 19 special election, endorsements from officials and organizations are rolling in. [Read More]
Stealing signs is as old in baseball as spitting tobacco juice and the Red Sox should not be severely punished for it, local fans are... [Read More]
Area passengers on commuter rail could be asked to show their tickets and passes before boarding the train starting next week as part of a... [Read More]
Voters will have plenty of candidates to choose from in the Sept. 19 primary special election for the Bristol and Norfolk state Senate race. [Read More]
Apparently you can fight city hall - or at least town hall. [Read More]
Logan International Airport plans to study the possibility of imposing fees on people who drive to the Boston airport to drop off and pick up... [Read More]
There was the typical first-day confusion at Attleboro schools Wednesday, but administrators said the opening was mostly smooth going. [Read More]
In the 1960s, WBRU, a Providence radio station run by Brown University students, tried a novel idea for the times. [Read More]
Alarmed by the difficulties in building a budget for King Philip Regional Schools last spring, parent groups are forming to explore and recommend solutions to... [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III has authored a letter to President Trump signed by 140 House Democrats opposing his ban on transgender people serving in... [Read More]
Boston Tropical Tree, the landmark outlet for Christmas trees, has been sold for $2.2 million. [Read More]
State Rep. Paul Heroux says if he is elected mayor, he will commission a study to determine what his salary will be, saying Mayor Kevin... [Read More]
Summer reading assignments at Attleboro High School have inspired students to take on community service projects to help the less fortunate. [Read More]
The Green Monster at Finberg Field enjoyed a makeover recently thanks to the Emmit Larkin Memorial Fund. [Read More]