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Write-in votes are being consolidated, and the tally will impact several races. [Read More]
Chambersburg is the first local municipality to support fairly drawn political districts. [Read More]
George Statler is recovering from his burns. The community has donated $18,000 and plenty of time to his Mountainside Pet Rescue. [Read More]
Republican lawmakers appear ready to slap a regulation or two on health insurers to cover long-term treatment of Lyme disease. [Read More]
Walt Bietsch decisively won the GOP race for Chambersburg mayor. He may face a write-in challenge from a Democrat in the general in November. [Read More]
State drops 6-month worry about drought as summer heat arrives. [Read More]
The Pennsylvania Game Commission will place hunter restrictions on a larger portion of Franklin County beplans to expand the disease management area in Franklin County... [Read More]
Motorists will be reminded of two risky spots on Pa. highways. [Read More]
Bridge construction will impact roads in Antrim, Warren and Fannett townships this season. [Read More]
Find out how much Franklin County's candidates have spent in the primary race. [Read More]
A center offering therapies to children with special needs is planned for the Fayetteville area. [Read More]
Even salamander lovers would agree that the candidate for the state amphibian in Pennsylvania is plain ugly. [Read More]
How will the audience react to President Donald Trump telling FBI Director James Comey -- "You're fired"? [Read More]
Franklin County prepares to spend more on drug and alcohol treatment this year in response to the opioid epidemic. [Read More]
Quartz, celestine or wavellite? Kids drive the state debate over a mineral to represent Pennsylvania. [Read More]
Half-brothers Victor Fogelsonger and Roberto De Angelis met for the first time this week - more than 70 years after their father was swept up... [Read More]
Secretary of State Pedro A. CortÃ... [Read More]
Eugene Rideout, the fifth candidate to run for mayor of Chambersburg in 2017, and the lone Democrat, will run a write-in campaign. [Read More]
Electrician Tim Rife has announced his candidacy for Guilford Township supervisor. [Read More]
The huge popularity of a free electronics recycling event that shut down Shippensburg traffic in April illustrates a big problem that is bound to grow... [Read More]