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Opponents to a Transource Energy power transmission line across Franklin County have scheduled another meeting to learn about eminent domain. [Read More]
The lawsuit is one of several that Dusman filed after she was removed as the CASD superintendent of elementary education in the spring of 2013. [Read More]
Local farmers object to 13-story tall towers that would run through Franklin County from Shippensburg to Ringgold. Md. [Read More]
Waste Management will no longer accept glass for recycling. Chambersburg Borough Council is claiming a breach of contract. [Read More]
Sheriff James Brown has lost nearly half his deputies in less than 2 years. He blames low wages. [Read More]
Apples, corn and soybeans — all are enjoying good seasons. [Read More]
Biology teacher Dan Weaver relies on a topographical map to get his deer on public land in You Tube challenge. [Read More]
Mildred Kelly, 90, describes what it was like growing up in Chambersburg before the civil rights movement, and how things changed in the decades since. [Read More]
The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 7 general election is 9 p.m. Tuesday. [Read More]
The bill passed by the state House also honors veterans from Vietnam and World War II. The bill moves to the Senate. [Read More]
Bill Wolfe Jr. died as a result of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. [Read More]
People in Shippensburg are coping with the anguish over one of their neighbors being killed in America's deadliest shooting. [Read More]
One of the posts protecting the fountain on Memorial Square apparently withstood a hit from a tractor-trailer shortly after 1 p.m. Friday. [Read More]
The wait is over. Rush hour traffic goes to 2 lanes in Waynesboro... [Read More]
After nearly 30 years of recycling, consumers in the region will be throwing away glass bottles and jars. Waste Management will not recycle glass. [Read More]
Chambersburg's fixed-route transit system held promise in the 1990s, but closed in 2004 with the Chambersburg Transit Authority owing $1 million. [Read More]
Alloway's Army prepares to hack into the overgrown stream banks on Saturday. [Read More]
Eldorado Stone & Atlas Copco have expanded their shops. Officals cut the ribbons on Tuesday. [Read More]
Electric rates in two boroughs are lower than West Penn Power and other utilities. [Read More]
More than 60 people are arrested in separate meth and opioid busts in rural Pa. U.S. mail used to ship 35 pounds of crystal meth. [Read More]