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These are nervous times for school districts across Illinois. [Read More]
All of this debate on education spending is the last piece of the budget puzzle that needs to be in place. [Read More]
Illinois state lawmakers go back to Springfield this week to try to pass an education funding package once and for all. Tougher talk than usual... [Read More]
Something different has been going on in Washington for a little while now that came to the surface over the last week and a half. [Read More]
A decision looming before congress will be whether to renew the war powers authorization for military operations in the Middle East. [Read More]
Members of Congress took the national health care debate in a new direction. There's more turbulence surrounding the White House and a revolving door of... [Read More]
Illinois state lawmakers are now in their second special legislative session of the year. [Read More]
We love top ten lists in this country. David Letterman used to make us laugh with a new one every night. Iowa has its own... [Read More]
Iowa has seen its budget surplus disappear from almost a billion dollars a few years ago to a shortfall now. Democratic candidate for governor Andy... [Read More]
You'd like to think that a new Illinois budget ended any immediate financial concerns. [Read More]
There are some bittersweet emotions from Republicans about the budget. Maybe more bitter than sweet. [Read More]
Illinois plays politics when it comes to spending on public schools. The Congress faces another looming battle over raising the debt ceiling. And, President Donald... [Read More]
Local 4 News had a 10-minute conversation with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner that covered the upcoming election and his decision to deposit $50 million into... [Read More]
Governor Bruce Rauner raised the stakes in the fight over school funding by calling another special legislative session. [Read More]
A Democrat from Rock Island County will enter the race for Illinois State Senate to challenge Republican incumbent Neil Anderson next year. [Read More]
You don't need to be a comic book or superhero fan to appreciate the Fantastic Four. We're not talking about 'the thing.' We're talking about... [Read More]
Every year the pros come to TPC Deere Run and leave us in awe. [Read More]
Any golf course that's home to a PGA tour event by definition has to be among the best of the best. [Read More]
TPC Deere Run is a glorious golf course. It's in great shape for the players. They love knocking in birdies and sometimes eagles. [Read More]
Illinois has a budget. [Read More]