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Joe Mauer's Hall of Fame candidacy will test the power of last impressions. [Read More]
Joe Mauer's career stats... [Read More]
The Gophers coach excels at connecting with talented teenagers. Whether he's a good Big Ten coach is to be determined, but the determining can fairly... [Read More]
Jimmy Butler was expected to meet with Timberwolves officials in Minneapolis. [Read More]
NBA stars carry all the power, so the Wolves need to carefully explore all their difficult options. [Read More]
Point by point by extra point... [Read More]
In a rivalry defined for 25 years by the Green Bay Packers' stability and the Vikings' desperation at quarterback, Rodgers encountered a new and worthy... [Read More]
Aaron Rodgers' knee appeared magically rehabilitated on Sunday, and so did the Vikings' Achilles heel. [Read More]
QB, Kicker are the story... [Read More]
Not a tough one... [Read More]
Not a tough one... [Read More]
Tommy John, godfather of pitcher surgeries, worked as a TV analyst on Twins broadcasts in the 1990s, meaning Minnesota has played host to one eponymous... [Read More]
Wednesday night at CHS Field in St. Paul, his team played Game 2 of its first championship series in seven years. Mike Veeck watched on... [Read More]
Made ya look... [Read More]
Kirk Cousins spent his first three quarters as a Viking mimicking the passing skills of Fran Tarkenton. Late in the fourth quarter, with the lead... [Read More]
Use our weekly poll to grade the Vikings' performance against the 49ers. [Read More]
Rapid reaction: Kirk Cousins did not complete a pass in the 4th quarter but his TD passes early and a hard count that drew the... [Read More]
Vikings win, 24-16... [Read More]
Vikings opener on tap... [Read More]
The last meaningful game played in the NFL was a spectacle, a boondoggle, an advertisement encouraging tourists to avoid Minnesota in February and, to Mike... [Read More]