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Gov. Gavin Newsom and Legislature should reauthorize this option. It is a modern choice employed by an overwhelming majority of other states. [Read More]
The November election will inundate voters with a torrent of hyperbolic campaign rhetoric, a blizzard of negative advertising and a tsunami of other political communications.... [Read More]
Several promising initiatives are under way for improving our resistance to changing conditions... [Read More]
Under a single-payer system, health care would be financed through taxing people to support a government-run program rather than having them or their employers pay... [Read More]
Vote for Measure A: Helping low income workers and the homeless isn't just a feel-good goal, it's important to the Silicon Valley economy. We can't... [Read More]
Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to allow housing construction by right if a proposal is consistent with zoning will help address California's crisis in affordable housing... [Read More]
For the University of California, out-of-state investment by nonresident students generates $728 million for a system that is reeling from decades of irresponsible state budget... [Read More]
San Francisco became the first city in the country to offer fully paid parental leave on April 5. [Read More]
building the new Bay Bridge, connecting a second transbay BART tube and adding freeway lanes... [Read More]
The 151-year-old railroad faces short-term overcrowding problems, a mid-term task to design and build a modernized and electrified system, and the long-term challenge to ensure... [Read More]
Other regions have discovered the huge potential of this trade and are competing for China's travelers. [Read More]