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After ceaselessly probing Clinton and Obama non-scandals, the House Majority Leader has changed his tune. [Read More]
With savvy protesters also disrupting proceedings, the GOP plot to fast-track his confirmation could run into real trouble. ... [Read More]
Three weeks ago, the media declared the left vanquished. With the Florida results, they flipped the script—and get it wrong again. [Read More]
Diehard Trump supporters represent at most a quarter of the electorate, but dominate media discussions of the president's standing. They shouldn't. [Read More]
The press secretary won't deny that Trump used the N-word. Still, will it matter? [Read More]
This week's primaries were won by both democratic socialists and progressive democrats. Who didn't win? Centrists. [Read More]
The man accused of enabling Roger Ailes's abuse of female staffers is now Trump's communications chief. [Read More]
With two African-American women running in high-profile races, Georgia could become the next Virginia. [Read More]
While some Republicans were critical of the president, others stayed quiet. [Read More]
Democrats are gearing up to battle Trump's nominee on multiple fronts. [Read More]
While the administration forces families to pay a fortune to take custody of detained minors, party leaders tone-police their lefty colleagues and seem unready for... [Read More]
The Homeland Security Secretary's cavalcade of lies has helped fuel interest in a national day of resistance to Trump's family separation policy. [Read More]
The congresswoman met with dozens of immigrant mothers who have had their children forcibly removed. ... [Read More]
"The tiniest kid at the front of the line, he was knee-high to a grasshopper. He was 4, maybe 5 years old." [Read More]
The actor and activist is running to win—not just push Andrew Cuomo to the left. But can she convince voters she's ready to govern? [Read More]
It was another great night for progressives and women—and especially women progressives. [Read More]
It's painful when male allies fail. But the success of so many female candidates is the other side of the story. [Read More]
Lucy McBath, whose son was shot and killed in 2012, has jumped into the primary to take on Karen Handel in Georgia's sixth district. [Read More]
Thanks to young people, especially those of color, this time might be different. [Read More]
Taking inspiration from Virginia, Democrats are finally running to win in the states. But will the party make room for a different kind of candidate? [Read More]