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Arizona Republican Paul Gosar faces attack ad featuring his siblings who back his opponent in November midterms... [Read More]
Donald Trump's pick for the vacant supreme court seat faced grilling from Democrats and rowdy protests but gave a master class in evasion... [Read More]
Woodward's book Fear about the White House dropped like a bomb and an anonymous op-ed attacked Donald Trump... [Read More]
New survey shows first time the national displeasure rating has exceeded 50%, and a majority of support for Mueller's Russia investigation... [Read More]
Former presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama to speak at senator's funeral... [Read More]
No White House statement issued in hours after McCain's death, as Trump tweets familiar complaints then boasts about economy... [Read More]
The ferry from the tip of Manhattan to tiny Governors Island only takes six minutes, but from the moment the breeze lifts the hair from... [Read More]
Exclusive: Patricia Okoumou says her four-hour standoff with police was fired by outrage at Trump's caging of migrant children... [Read More]
New York district attorney announces new charges including predatory sexual assault... [Read More]
Mass events, spurred by immigration policy and supreme court, urge unity in trying times: 'It's not about red or blue'... [Read More]
To ensure special protection for famous highway, Congress and the president would have to declare it a national historic trail... [Read More]
Sackler family, which owns Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, accused of fueling addiction while boosting profits... [Read More]
Reta Saffo says her younger sister, who died on Tuesday aged 55, did not want to seek treatment for mental illness... [Read More]
The Associated Press, CNN and the environmental-focused news organization E&E were barred by the EPA from Scott Pruitt's event... [Read More]
The four men, who were employed as security guards for a private US contractor, were convicted in 2014 of killing 14 Iraqi civilians in 2007... [Read More]
Film-maker's investigation of life behind bars called 'reputation-washing' amid questions over her family's OxyContin fortune... [Read More]
Set deep in the Valley of the Sun, the lush and sprawling 'megapolis' has a problem — the rivers... [Read More]
Tweet claims FBI deputy never took notes when meeting president as Jeff Flake says president 'seems to be building towards' firing special counsel... [Read More]
The revelations over Ben Carson's furniture have shone a light on Trump's people – and their fondness for first-class travel and military jets... [Read More]
The deadline set by the actor to respond to her offer to give back a $130,000 hush fee came and went... [Read More]