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New options for non-addictive pain treatment are sorely needed. One researcher is borrowing from the field of cancer nanomedicine to test an idea that could... [Read More]
Harbor seals use sensors in their whiskers to help discern predator from prey. It's all about the way the water whirls, say scientists who are... [Read More]
Scientists say they've found what appears to be a briny underground lake near the south pole on Mars a mile below the surface. It possible... [Read More]
A tiny accelerator could be useful in medicine as well as basic science. Instead of speeding up beams of electrons through giant tunnels, the aim... [Read More]
Astronomers have found 12 more moons orbiting the planet Jupiter. These moons are all small — just 5 kilometers or less across — and one... [Read More]
Ghostly particles called neutrinos can travel nearly unimpeded across the universe. For the first time, physicists have been able to pinpoint the origin of a... [Read More]
The rover has shut itself down because the solar panels aren't getting enough sunlight to charge the batteries. If the storm persists, the rover mission... [Read More]
Scientists can't say whether there is, or ever was, life on the Red Planet. But two Martian rock samples contained organic molecules — which contain... [Read More]
Physicists' understanding of the nature of the universe has taken a blow. An experiment with neutrinos has produced a result that breaks the rules scientists... [Read More]
Engineers in California are working on a new test that could offer a fast, cheap way to see if people are infected with the parasite. [Read More]
Researchers have evidence supporting the existence of plumes of water shooting up from the interior of Jupiter's icy moon Europa. [Read More]
The NASA mission is set to launch Saturday morning. The InSight spacecraft will land in the Elysium Planitia to listen for "Marsquakes" and learn more... [Read More]
Lung surfactant coats tiny air sacs in the lung. Without it, every breath is a struggle, like blowing up millions of little balloons. With surfactant,... [Read More]
A critical part of NASA's next $2 billion rover mission to Mars broke during testing earlier this month. The Mars 2020 mission's heat shield... [Read More]
A California tech firm believes that artificial intelligence can help communities prepare for, and respond to, quakes. [Read More]
Random numbers are essential for secure cyber communications. But making truly random numbers is harder than it seems. Now scientists have devised a way to... [Read More]
NASA is building a new X plane with the goal of deadening the loud thunderclap that jets make when they travel faster than sound. ... [Read More]
Nothing conveys the excitement of space exploration like pictures from another planet. Now NASA is planning to go one better than pictures. The space agency... [Read More]
Hawking was a theoretical physicist who changed how scientists think about gravity. He also wrote the best-selling book A Brief History of Time and lent... [Read More]
Engineers at Dartmouth College have developed a computer chip that can detect a single particle of light. Cameras with the chip would have visual abilities... [Read More]