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PRINCE Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have released a heartwarming Christmas card. [Read More]
SEVERAL Colorado schools, including Columbine High School, have been placed in lockdown due to a 'suspicious person'. [Read More]
WESTMINSTER has been put into lockdown after an intruder stormed the gates of Parliament. The man has since been detained after armed police swarmed the... [Read More]
IRAN has claimed US president Donald Trump has imposed heavy sanctions on the state as a way to get "revenge". [Read More]
A TESCO petrol station in Bristol has been hit by chaos due to a fault pump, leading to a spate of break-downs in the area. [Read More]
INDIA's stock market has bee plunged into uncertainty as financial shares plummeted unexpectedly today. [Read More]
STRONG winds and heavy rain will continue to pose a risk of disruption into Friday after Storm Bronagh blew in overnight with powerful gales that... [Read More]
A MAJOR London street has been evacuated due to a suspected "chlorine leak". Kensington High Street has been sealed off by fire and police officials. [Read More]
SADIQ Khan has claimed British police are already preparing for "civil unrest" after Brexit. The Mayor for London told Andrew Marr on his BBC show... [Read More]
TYPHOON Mangkhut has made landfall in China's Guangdong, the country's most populous province, after barrelling past Hong Kong and Macau and killing at least 29... [Read More]
TROPICAL Storm Helene, which until yesterday was registered as a Hurricane, is battering the Azores islands - with Britain next in store for ferocious winds... [Read More]
THE MYSTERIOUS evacuation of Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico, US, continues to baffle staff, residents and even the local police force, who said "nobody... [Read More]
HURRICANE Florence has sparked a "large-scale evacuation" plan for South Carolina, with an estimated one million people set to flee coastal regions. [Read More]
DONALD Trump is preparing for a second meeting with Kim Jong-un after receiving a message from North Korea's despotic leader. [Read More]
THE UK is set to bake in high temperatures once again as the UK heatwave returns this weekend, the Met Office has forecast. [Read More]
HURRICANE Florence has sparked the cancellation of a Donald Trump rally in Mississippi over safety fears as the Category 4 storm approaches the US. [Read More]
GIBRALTAR has marked its national holiday with a huge show of patriotism - and a clear warning to Spain, who still dispute British sovereignty of... [Read More]
THE EU has hit out at Labour's claims Theresa May's Brexit Chequers proposal is "dead in the water", dismissing Stephen Kinnock's comments this week as... [Read More]
A SHOOTING in Cincinnati has left several people dead with police warning of an 'active shooter' situation in the heart of the US city. [Read More]
The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator told a delegation of MPs that Theresa May's proposals for a future trade deal were 'dead', it has been... [Read More]