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Dolby tech was pretty much everywhere, and the brand seems to be hitting the innovation trail again, too. [Read More]
Including some good news for a change. [Read More]
Buy one now, get an extra goodie for free... [Read More]
Another mixed picture quality bag - but this time the shifting quality makes sense. And the Dolby Atmos track is a beast. [Read More]
Hands on : Hands on : Sony's new OLED uses the same panel and processor as the A9F, but ditches the 'lean on' leg design... [Read More]
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AV fans may decide to wait a while before they sign up, though. [Read More]
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Dinosaurs have never looked so good. [Read More]
If you can't play it, you might be in line for a full refund. [Read More]
CEO reckons mobile expertise will translate to the world of television sets, too. [Read More]
It's complicated. Very complicated. [Read More]
and it's also busy downgrading many 4K titles to HD again... [Read More]
Though it's just a few hours a day initially. [Read More]
And you won't necessarily have to buy a new TV to enjoy it. [Read More]
Owners claim their sets have been ruining gaming and watching sport for more than six months... [Read More]
New Alliance Aims To Take Watching Movies At Home To A Whole New Level... [Read More]
Including round two of Deadpool, and a surprise early bow for 2001: A Space Odyssey way ahead of its 4K Blu-ray release... [Read More]
LG's first 8K OLED TV looks lovely - but when will be able to get one? [Read More]
Sorry everyone, but high end 8K, at least, is actually looking pretty sweet. [Read More]