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Warren blamed Trump for a processing center "filled with cages" of border crossers despite the facility having been opened by Obama. [Read More]
New York City will soon shower 900 freed inmates with gifts such as Mets tickets and movie passes for showing up to their court dates. [Read More]
Boeing, the second biggest beneficiary of U.S. government contracts, outsourced American software jobs to foreign graduates for $9 an hour. [Read More]
Sen. Booker claimed that failed Democrat candidate for Georgia governor would have won her election if not for "voter suppression." ... [Read More]
Warren claimed during the fifth Democrat debate that illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border is a "man-made crisis" that Trump "created." [Read More]
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said during the fifth Democrat debate that American veterans are "calling for an end" to the "regime change wars." [Read More]
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) falsely claimed that Stacey Abrams would have won the gubernatorial election in Georgia if not for "voting purges." ... [Read More]
Presidential candidates promising to bring more immigrants to the U.S. are much less popular than those vowing to reduce immigration. [Read More]
A Nigerian man who was in the U.S. on a travel visa was handed three life sentences this month for beating and raping a 13-year-old... [Read More]
The ISIS terror suspect -- who came to the U.S. on the "Diversity Visa Lottery" -- accused of murder said he is "following orders of... [Read More]
A Minnesota woman has been arrested and charged for allegedly operating a business scam that promised visas to foreign nationals. [Read More]
An illegal alien MS-13 Gang member has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for his involvement in a deadly machete attack. [Read More]
An Angel Dad whose son was allegedly murdered by two illegal alien members of the MS-13 gang says sanctuary counties "need to change." [Read More]
An illegal alien accused of killing a woman in a car crash has fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution in the U.S. after he was... [Read More]
A report by the United Nations (UN) falsely blamed Trump for the detention of 100,000 migrant children who, in fact, were detained by Obama. ... [Read More]
An illegal alien living in Pennsylvania is accused of killing a Vietnam War Veteran the day before Veterans Day, according to law enforcement officials. Nemias... [Read More]
New York's latest criminal justice reform plan will release suspects accused of second-degree manslaughter without ever having to post bail. [Read More]
The majority of moderate Democrat voters break with their party's open borders platform when it comes to immigration and border controls. [Read More]
A majority of Americans say they want to see more deportations of illegal aliens and increased security along the U.S.-Mexico border. [Read More]
The illegal alien accused of murdering Mollie Tibbetts confessed to the murder due to "sleep deprivation," according to a witness. [Read More]