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Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics legend, is dead at 95. [Read More]
Who knows if The Office will ever be rebooted , so in the meantime, take solace in seeing two of Dunder Mifflin's... [Read More]
"It's the same story told over and over," Sam Elliott growls -- in that way only Sam Elliott can -- in A Star Is... [Read More]
The question around which A Simple Favor spins out isn't so much, Where is Emily? as, Who is Emily? Paul Feig's poppy noir thriller centers... [Read More]
Tiffany Haddish's rise to superstardom is the type of story Hollywood makes movies about: A young girl from the Inland Empire overcomes her lot in... [Read More]
In Support the Girls, Regina Hall plays Lisa, the overworked and underappreciated manager of a Hooters-esque "breastaurant" called Double Whammies. When she's not navigating the... [Read More]
The good people behind Sesame Street so feared that the R-rated puppet comedy, The Happytime Murders, would tarnish their good name -- via the latter's... [Read More]
This Is Them. [Read More]
"With the right white man, we can do anything." [Read More]
"What are we doing?" [Read More]
This is the kind of stunt that could land you in hot water these days -- or at least on the local news -- but... [Read More]