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It's time I tell you about the mysterious President's Working Group on Financial Markets. It is also known as the Plunge Protection Team, or the... [Read More]
The US government said Monday that its deficit rose by 17 percent in its 2017 fiscal year that ended in September, as Washington spent $779... [Read More]
Dear John: If the economy is booming, why is nothing being done for seniors? This group, solidly behind the president, is still suffering from shrinking... [Read More]
When will rising interest rates be a real problem for the stock market? Nobody has the answer to that question, although a lot of people... [Read More]
I asked the US Energy Information Agency, because those people know it all — in the good sense of the phrase. And the answer isn't... [Read More]
Dear John: I have read many of your columns and own many stocks, mostly old-school growth stocks. While I understand when you talk about stock... [Read More]
If you've ever had a baby, there is a good chance you know about onesies, those one-piece outfits that you slip your kid into and... [Read More]
I don't know whether Donald Trump was screwing around on his income taxes like The New York Times alleges or not. But a very good... [Read More]
There are only two more employment reports before the congressional elections. One of them is coming Friday. Wall Street is guessing that 180,000 new jobs... [Read More]
Now I'd like to present the other side of the economy. And this is even more important for America's future than the fact that the... [Read More]
Dear John: Until recently, I was unemployed and as a white college-educated female in my 50s, I would gladly have worked in a dump for... [Read More]
Dear John: I own a co-op apartment in which the gas meter is in the kitchen. It was determined that the gas meter was defective... [Read More]
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said something the other day that was either right on the mark or profoundly stupid. Only time will tell which it... [Read More]
Here's the irony of the political chaos we are now seeing: If the media had done its job before the election, none of this would... [Read More]
There is something that the Democrats ought to know and should be concerned about. The final employment report before the Nov. 6 election — that... [Read More]
I mentioned in a column recently that many of the government's monthly economic numbers were being revised upward after their initial release. That's either a... [Read More]
Dear John: There will be a price to pay for this false economic boom.  I am not a fan of communism or even socialism, but... [Read More]
President Trump is accused of saying a lot of stupid things by Bob Woodward in the journalist's new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House."... [Read More]
So what financial lessons did we learn from the financial crisis that started a decade ago this week — or from the terrorist attacks on... [Read More]
The employment report for August was good — not great — but there were some strange numbers that President Trump should have someone keep an... [Read More]
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