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Dear John: I travel a lot, and the car rental industry — all brands — should truly be investigated for their business practices. Please continue... [Read More]
Dear John: I have an idea on how to pay the government workers who are working during the shutdown. Why not get a consortium of... [Read More]
I've changed my mind about building a wall along the Mexican border. Build it! The US government is shut down and the economic ramifications will... [Read More]
This'll take a few bucks out of your pocket. Thanks to a court ruling, stores in New York state will be allowed to charge you... [Read More]
Donald Trump fancies himself as a great negotiator. But he's made at least two big mistakes that'll make it difficult for the US to come... [Read More]
Legal gambling is doing great so far in New Jersey. But I hear the bookies who've been taking illegal bets on sporting events forever haven't... [Read More]
Dear John: Until recently, I was unemployed and as a white college-educated female in my 50s, I would gladly have worked in a dump for... [Read More]
Dear John: I own a co-op apartment in which the gas meter is in the kitchen. It was determined that the gas meter was defective... [Read More]
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said something the other day that was either right on the mark or profoundly stupid. Only time will tell which it... [Read More]
Here's the irony of the political chaos we are now seeing: If the media had done its job before the election, none of this would... [Read More]
There is something that the Democrats ought to know and should be concerned about. The final employment report before the Nov. 6 election — that... [Read More]
I mentioned in a column recently that many of the government's monthly economic numbers were being revised upward after their initial release. That's either a... [Read More]
Dear John: There will be a price to pay for this false economic boom.  I am not a fan of communism or even socialism, but... [Read More]
President Trump is accused of saying a lot of stupid things by Bob Woodward in the journalist's new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House."... [Read More]
So what financial lessons did we learn from the financial crisis that started a decade ago this week — or from the terrorist attacks on... [Read More]
The employment report for August was good — not great — but there were some strange numbers that President Trump should have someone keep an... [Read More]
The details of the employment report are something that should also worry Democrats and make President Trump happy. Unemployment among blacks and Hispanics is staying... [Read More]
According to WalletHub's 2018 Credit Score and iPhone survey, nearly 28 million Americans believe that getting one of the Apple iPhones to be introduced this... [Read More]
Dear John: I am having a very hard time getting a $4,067 tax refund check from the Virginia Department of Taxation for tax year 2016.... [Read More]
Dear John: Charles Schwab is trying to pocket the spread between the higher rates for Treasury bills and the lower rate offered by Bank Sweep... [Read More]