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In New Jersey, the police have an odd enforcement tactic against drunken driving. Cops often list in newspapers the specific areas where there will be... [Read More]
Government investigators found problems with 90 percent of the no-bid contracts awarded by the Census Bureau. That finding, after combing through just 28 deals,... [Read More]
Dear John: I can accept the Yankees' Gary Sanchez not speaking English. What gets me are players who have been in the majors for 10... [Read More]
Dear John: As a retired state auditor, I can vouch for the fact that statistics put out by the government are sometimes phony, not because... [Read More]
This is probably going to shock you. And please don't think less of me because of what I'm about to tell you: Up until Tuesday,... [Read More]
I've been telling you for years that the employment data produced by the US government were misleading people into thinking the economy was performing better... [Read More]
Dear John: Alas, pity the poor cab driver who never says hello, good day or good evening (but sometimes grunts if you are lucky), and... [Read More]
Dear John: With all that is going on today, I know that this may seem trivelous [sic] of me, but wouldn't you think that one... [Read More]
The US unemployment rate fell sharply in September — to 4.2 percent from 4.4 percent in August — but the decline had nothing to do... [Read More]
In July 2016, Kevin Warsh said the Federal Reserve has done some things that are "a bit puzzling." I'll second that and add the words... [Read More]
The battle over President Trump's tax reform package is about to begin. The Post on Wednesday reported that Republicans were considering allowing homeowners to deduct... [Read More]
Hurricanes also do major damage to economic statistics. It just takes a little longer for the wreckage to appear. On Friday, the Labor Department will... [Read More]
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to prove that Russia didn't leak the e-mails of the Democratic National Committee last year. But he wants a... [Read More]
If we get a tax cut, we should thank President Trump, of course, and Congress. But we should also thank our children, our grandchildren and... [Read More]
A year from now, when tax reform fails, I'll call President Trump with my Plan B: Change the tax laws so people can immediately use... [Read More]
Dear John: You recently wrote an interesting piece on the taxi industry. On one hand, I feel bad for people in the industry because the... [Read More]
Dear John: I usually love your columns, but calling the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel? Why encourage these dopes who can't leave... [Read More]
Ten-year-old Asmar Johnson is a prodigy on the bass. He's already played three times at Asbury Park, NJ's famous Stone Pony nightclub. And even though... [Read More]
All right, it's official. The Federal Reserve really, really, really is going to start to unwind the $4 trillion-plus in stimulus it put into the... [Read More]
HELP WANTED: I need a lawyer to take on the case of a government worker named Stefani Butler who has been retaliated against by the... [Read More]