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One of the dispiriting trends in modern American politics is the pervasiveness of tribalism: the willingness to forgive or condemn on the basis of party... [Read More]
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No percentage in trying to out-Trump Trump ... [Read More]
With the primary election seven months away, it's already clear that single-payer health care and education reform are going to be the key dividing lines... [Read More]
The practice of journalism has rarely been more critical - or at greater risk - in the United States. Never before has a president of... [Read More]
Reginald Hudlin's regard for Thurgood Marshall is such that he believes the late civil rights pioneer and U.S. Supreme Court justice should have his countenance... [Read More]
The gubernatorial election is more than a year away, but the leading contenders have been busily raising money, taking shots at one another on the... [Read More]
Trump to athletes: Stay in your place ... [Read More]
Who could have imagined in 2015 that Russian operatives would exploit the great modern tools of democratic discourse - social media, a free-flowing Internet -... [Read More]
On the second page of "What Happened," Hillary Rodham Clinton accepts responsibility for her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. "I couldn't... [Read More]
The most venerable schoolyard response from a child caught behaving badly is becoming a fixture in the Trump era of American politics. ... [Read More]
Amid the heartbreaking death and devastation inflicted by Hurricane Harvey were inspirational stories of the heroic efforts of people who put their own safety at... [Read More]
President Trump's strategy in Afghanistan included a stern if implicit warning to Pakistan: Do more to combat terrorism or risk a cutoff of the "billions... [Read More]
The craziness of the past two weeks - erratic even by the standards of the Donald Trump presidency - has intensified concerns about Trump's... [Read More]
There is never a good time to pardon a sheriff who was found in criminal contempt for routinely violating the constitutional rights of people he... [Read More]
The torches, the chants, the Confederate flags, the raw violence, the unalloyed hate on the faces of white supremacists. The Smithsonian Institution's 19th museum... [Read More]
The images and sounds were sickeningly derivative of times when racism reigned unchecked and unapologetic. The torches, the chants, the Confederate flags, the raw violence, the... [Read More]
President Trump has assailed what he calls "fake news" and has attempted to delegitimize watchdog reporting with a vigor that makes President Richard Nixon's efforts... [Read More]
White House lies. Presidential paranoia about leaks to the news media. A nation riven by divisions so deep that they lead to mass protests, polarization... [Read More]