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The precarious state of truth-telling around the world was brought home to me during an international gathering of journalists in Singapore. One of the participants,... [Read More]
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Welcome. I'm John Diaz, The Chronicle's editorial page editor and the leader of the Editorial Board. This is my inaugural Opinion Central newsletter, and I'm... [Read More]
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and the politics, please You know Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox was starved for attention last week when he tweeted out a picture of himself... [Read More]
Bill Owens' photo book, "Suburbia," was quite the talk of Livermore in the 1970s. Residents of that East Bay town, 44 miles east and a... [Read More]
Bill Owens' photo book, "Suburbia," was quite the talk of Livermore in the 1970s. Residents of that East Bay town, 44 miles east and a... [Read More]
Smoke gets in their political eyes If our elected officials pause from partisan bickering long enough to glance up in the sky, they might notice... [Read More]
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Out of the embers of Charlottesville The hate, ugliness and violence of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., one year ago this weekend, is... [Read More]
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Under orders of the Trump administration, the Internal Revenue Service has effectively walked away from any meaningful regulation of tax-exempt groups that are shielding their... [Read More]
"There is freedom of speech here," insisted James Sarda, chief editor of the family-owned Daily Express in the state of Sabah on the northwest coast... [Read More]
A Silicon Valley venture capitalist's dream to divide a California that has grown too big and unmanageable is hardly novel. Tim Draper's brainchild is merely... [Read More]
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