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Many Americans today will have to Google Angela Davis just to learn who she is. For Baby Boomers such as myself, however, Davis symbolized... [Read More]
Baby Boomers will fondly recall the late Flip Wilson's "Geraldine" character. Dressed in drag, Wilson depicted Geraldine as a flamboyant, boisterous woman who had a... [Read More]
Just when I'm tempted to believe that "Christian evangelical" has become synonymous with right-wing Republican, Jimmy Carter reminds me that isn't the case. While... [Read More]
There are two explanations regarding why the overwhelming majority of black voters reject the Republican party. One is based on historical facts, while the other... [Read More]
It takes gall to lie to an assembly of evangelical ministers, but no one has ever accused The Donald of lacking gall. In... [Read More]
The depth and extent of evil such as this shocks even the most jaded among us. No less than three hundred priests in six Pennsylvania... [Read More]
The Donald is bitterly disappointed. The grand military parade he had anticipated with such childlike joy has been postponed until next year. "The local... [Read More]