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For those of you who missed it, in one of those numerous video clips from her first week as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered an... [Read More]
The current controversy concerning the proposed Olympia Hills development evokes issues larger than its neighborhood or Salt Lake County. [Read More]
The indication that the U.S. birth rate has recently declined is a great trend. Unfortunately, the global trend is not so positive: Every second of... [Read More]
Hopefully the Democrats and other moderates didn't miss the inconspicuous, but extremely significant, article on Page A3 of the Jan. 29 Salt Lake Tribune, regarding... [Read More]
A recent Tribune/Hinckley Institute poll shows that Utahns' attitudes about our changing climate are changing. The poll, conducted Oct. 10-13, indicates that 72 percent of... [Read More]
While recently visiting Providence, R.I., I noticed a local newspaper article indicating that now most Americans (57 percent) want their local officials to take the... [Read More]