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The revival of the acclaimed comedy, which debuts on CBS on Sept. 27, has reunited the original cast after two decades and plans to take... [Read More]
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In its half-century on the air, "60 Minutes" has operated independently of the CBS News organization. Many at the show worry what will happen if... [Read More]
Mr. Fager was dismissed four days after the network's chief executive, Leslie Moonves, stepped down following numerous misconduct allegations. [Read More]
Mr. Fager's dismissal comes four days after CBS's chief executive, Leslie Moonves, stepped down following numerous misconduct allegations. [Read More]
Mr. Moonves made his name as a programmer of shows with clear-cut villains and heroes. On Sunday, after more allegations of sexual misconduct, his career... [Read More]
With "Amanpour & Company," a CNN veteran based in London brings a new sensibility to an hour that was once dark and clubby. [Read More]
Whose idea was it for Mr. Farrow to pursue the Harvey Weinstein story elsewhere? And other points of contention between the reporter and his ex-bosses. [Read More]
In a staff email, Mr. Lack rebutted a former network producer's charge of a "massive breach of journalistic integrity." "At no point did NBC obstruct"... [Read More]
After NBC News's chairman, Andrew Lack, rebutted a producer's accusation of a "massive breach of journalistic integrity," Mr. Farrow fired back. [Read More]
In an email to employees, chairman Andrew Lack said Harvey Weinstein had no influence on the network, despite contrary claims from a producer that pursued... [Read More]
Rich McHugh said an order to pull the plug on an investigation of Harvey Weinstein had come from "the very highest levels of NBC." [Read More]
He has tried everything to book the esteemed L.B.J. biographer. But he keeps saying no. "I'll stop at nothing," the late-night host vows. [Read More]
By the time its finale airs in May, "The Big Bang Theory" will be the longest-running multicamera comedy in TV history. [Read More]
Tuesday: A NY1-style local news channel will go live this November, the fallout from the Asia Argento allegations, and the state gets an official sport. [Read More]
The nonprofit news organization said it would choose seven local news organizations and provide money for them to pursue projects beginning next year. [Read More]
The longtime Hollywood executive sees a demand for high-quality bite-size content. Disney, NBC and Alibaba back his plan. [Read More]
The star producer reveals the eight shows she plans to make for the streaming service, which wooed her away from ABC with a nine-figure deal. [Read More]
Nominations for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards will be announced Thursday morning in Los Angeles. [Read More]
The undercover satirist has been working more than a year on what the network has hyped as "perhaps the most dangerous show in the history... [Read More]