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It's ground-breaking ... and so is the price. But that's not the most important detail. [Read More]
"North America has perhaps reached peak Tinder." [Read More]
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But Amazon is playing jiu-jitsu, not boxing, and is seeking to turn its biggest weakness nto its biggest strength. [Read More]
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Apparently, when you've gone voice-first, you can't go back. [Read More]
It's totally possible to throw "any election" into chaos. [Read More]
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That's 11.425 hours for every human being on the planet. [Read More]
Decentralized smart speaker. Plus crypto. Plus blockchain. With a dose of privacy. [Read More]
There's a lot of crying. The trick as CTO is to do it under my desk. [Read More]
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marketing, communications, personalization, privacy, gdpr, data, email... [Read More]
Apple Pay is bigger than Square and manages more than Paypal in mobile transactions. [Read More]
Amazon invented this market in 2015 and still has a majority market share. [Read More]
The moral of the story is, don't invite Alexa to the party ... if you have an Alexa. [Read More]
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Amazon is clearly not shy about deploying capital to move fast. [Read More]