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Clinton's book What Happened reads less as a tell-all or an indictment than it does as a kind of cross between therapy and expiation. [Read More]
Mark Twain said it best."The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog,"Twain wrote.Amen.I spend much of my time talking with and... [Read More]
Many, many vyears ago, the poet Allen Ginsberg taught me a lesson.He told me his fellow Beat Jack Kerouac's novel,"On the Road,"was misunderstood.It was in... [Read More]
The mail I receive tells me an awful lot about what's wrong with this country. Relatively few people send me a note or an email... [Read More]
Many, many years ago, the poet Allen Ginsberg taught me a lesson. He told me his fellow Beat Jack Kerouac's novel "On the Road" was... [Read More]
Once upon a time, gerrymandering was a dark art. Now, it's become a dark science. [Read More]
Forget about draining the swamp. [Read More]
The timing of the announcement was an affront to decency. [Read More]
Apparently, it is hard and costly work being a champion of the little guy. [Read More]
DAVIDSON, North CarolinaEvery step is a blur.My wife and I are moving our daughter, our first-born, into her college dormitory. The women in my life... [Read More]
Because parenting can be all-encompassing, it can be easy to lose track of the seasons and the stages. We think every moment will last, but... [Read More]
The hypocrisy of two pampered pols Rokita and Trump presenting themselves as working-class heroes might be mildly amusing at another time. [Read More]
Memories and stories buzz around my head like flies. [Read More]
Maturity comes from understanding that we are but links in a long chain of being and that we owe debts – responsibilities, duties – not... [Read More]
It's like watching a spinning top wobble on the edge of a table. [Read More]