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Rep. Dave Pagel wants to pick your brain for ideas on how to improve mental health treatment in Michigan. [Read More]
St. Joseph residents and visitors could see more playgrounds for kids, a river kayak launch, and maybe even a disc golf course, as part of... [Read More]
The Berrien County Road Commission had the opportunity Tuesday to defend an operation they said has been running well for a century. [Read More]
In his 2017 feasibility study on taking over the Road Commission, Berrien County Administrator Bill Wolf said a county department could be created without significant... [Read More]
Berrien County and Southwest Michigan have frequently experienced severe flooding. [Read More]
Roads become rivers. Highways run with high water. Farms and fields become ponds and lakes. Businesses and homes are washed away and residents become refugees. [Read More]
A Three Oaks man will likely spend the rest of his life in prison after being sen­tenced Monday, Sept. 11, for raping an 11-year-old girl. [Read More]
When Jimmie Wilson was a teenager, he had an uncle who died from suicide. [Read More]
Since January, MoveOn Southwest Michigan has staged weekly rallies in front of U.S. Rep. Fred Upton's Main Street office to protest the policies of the... [Read More]
This is not your grandparents' senior center. [Read More]
Corn stalks, landfill garbage and manure can save the planet. [Read More]
Visitors and residents in St. Joseph might have recently seen a police vehicle with an unusual array of cameras and other gear attached to it. [Read More]
For Andy Grootendorst, captain of the sail boat Cynthia, and his crew, the Tri-State Regatta represents the ties that bind. [Read More]
Berrien County Drain Commissioner Christopher Quattrin is finding out it's a jungle out there. [Read More]
Schools hold fire and tornado drills so they can be prepared for a possible emergency. [Read More]
A pioneering downtown St. Joseph entrepreneur will soon be closing up shop after more than 40 years in business, but the community hasn't seen the... [Read More]
A proposed pedestrian bridge to span the Paw Paw River from the Harbor Village community to Benton Harbor received the support of St. Joseph city... [Read More]
Repairs to Wallace Avenue were approved by St. Joseph commissioners Monday that will eliminate on-street parking from Lakeshore Drive to Stadium Drive, and add a... [Read More]
County fairs are great occasions for reunions with family and friends. [Read More]
There are questions many of us are afraid to ask. [Read More]