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I think there is a mixture of political bias and legacy-building that is driving Federal Reserve policy. The simple fact is that the Fed should... [Read More]
The SNB owns about $80 billion in US stocks. [Read More]
Switzerland is a small country of just 8 million people, but they make an outsized impact on economics and finance and money. So the Swiss... [Read More]
More than a few investors seem to think that "nowhere but up" is somehow normal. [Read More]
which most investors don't follow Doug Kass had similar thoughts and reminded me of Bob Farrell's famous 10 Rules of Investing. I'll just list... [Read More]
Scott Olson/Getty Images Economics has a lot of overused themes and phrases. One of them is highly relevant today yet forgotten by many. It's... [Read More]
Switzerland is now the eighth-largest public holder of U.S. stocks. [Read More]
Bull markets in houses, stocks, or anything else can go higher and persist longer than we skeptics think is possible. At some point, asset values... [Read More]
A rally led by a few intensely popular, must-own stocks is much less sustainable than one that lifts all boats. [Read More]
It's "Minsky moment," the point at which excess debt sparks a financial crisis. [Read More]
I've touched on the issue of passive investing quite a few times. But this time, I want to show a few charts that illustrate the... [Read More]
Stock prices do go higher in a bull market, and sometimes, as the end approaches, they make value investors very uncomfortable. "When ETFs sell, who... [Read More]
I want to show a few charts that illustrate the extent of the problems that are building up in the passive index world. [Read More]
When ETFs sell, who will buy? [Read More]
I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you and your children will probably have much longer lives than you... [Read More]
You can't retire at age 65. Retirement as we know it is unsustainable. It will give way to something else, and maybe soon. We are... [Read More]
Diversification may not help your investments in the next global recession. Diversifying among asset classes will simply be diversifying your losses. But there is an... [Read More]
We need to rethink Modern Portfolio Theory. We've been looking at it wrong all this time. Here are the changes we should make to our... [Read More]
Sometime this year, world public and private plus unfunded pensions will surpass $300 trillion. Will voters decide to tax "the rich" more? Hard choices will... [Read More]