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Emily Osborne, the lead editor of the report and manager of NOAA's Arctic Research Program, said the Arctic was undergoing its "most unprecedented transition in... [Read More]
According to a report, the the last five years has seen the warmest weather in the Arctic since records began in 1900 and the region... [Read More]
Persistent warming in the Arctic is pushing the region into "uncharted territory" and increasingly affecting the continental United States, scientists said Tuesday. [Read More]
The Arctic has been warmer over the last five years than at any time since records began in 1900, and the region is warming at... [Read More]
The Arctic has been warmer over the last five years than at any time since records began in 1900, and the region is warming... [Read More]
Climate change is getting more concrete all the time, a Georgia Institute of Technology scientist warns. [Read More]
'The bottom line is we really don't want to deal with this problem yet ... we're more interested in selling houses than we are in... [Read More]
We're making natural disasters unnaturally harmful, scientists say. And the number of ways we're doing it is fairly astonishing. [Read More]
This week: A look at what kind of trouble the record-breaking rainfall from Hurricane Florence might cause, a new climate satellite, and one thing you... [Read More]
And a roundup of other stories from around the world... [Read More]
If all goes well for NASA on Saturday, climate scientists will get a new eye in the sky that will be able to watch the... [Read More]
The new ICESat-2, set to launch on Saturday, can measure changes in the planet's ice that are less than the width of a pencil. [Read More]
The legislature passed a law in 2012 to ignore evidence of sharp long-term rises in sea level, so the state's fragile coastline would go on... [Read More]
We have a few thoughts about Hurricane Florence and climate change. And a new, more consistent format for our newsletter. [Read More]
A powerful Category 4 hurricane could linger along the low-lying coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, and deliver a huge life-threatening storm surge. [Read More]
With millions of coastal residents either on the move or hunkering down anxiously in place, Hurricane Florence surged toward North Carolina on Tuesday, tracing an... [Read More]
Overfishing, hunting and pollution are contributing to the decline of the birds – but environmental factors may prove to be the largest concern... [Read More]
Scientists are trying to solve mystery of why the birds are declining by the millions. [Read More]
It's the back-to-school edition of our newsletter. [Read More]
Iceland's puffin count has recently dropped to roughly 5.4 million from seven million, making the species 'vulnerable' according to the International Union for Conservation of... [Read More]