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"You will not be safe until we live it as reality in , and American troops get out of our land." [Read More]
"D'Amico did not plead guilty to conspiring with his former girlfriend, Katelyn McClure, to set up the GoFundMe account" [Read More]
He means you, Elizabeth Warren. [Read More]
"There was some real heroism today. I mean real heroism." [Read More]
"The rule wouldn't apply to parents with minor children, the elderly, or disabled people." [Read More]
"The crisis is so bad people's minds are really opening up and the policies are shifting." [Read More]
"unless Jews are murdered by neo-Nazis...their beatings, their discrimination...will be explained away." [Read More]
"It was the best system in the world, and they are about to destroy it." [Read More]
"...this unit, have felt free to go ahead and carry out this extreme malign activity in friendly countries." [Read More]
"It shows kind of where politics has come to..." [Read More]
"These allegations are the result of newly discovered evidence..." [Read More]
"we're disappointed in how some have misinterpreted this commercial..." [Read More]
"gave more than $4 million to Clinton's failed presidential campaign and other Democrats..." [Read More]
"...likes sending rockets up, doesn't he?" [Read More]
Turley compared the Democrats' attempt to impeach Trump to the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, widely derided as a partisan abuse of power. [Read More]
"The atmosphere of dread was underscored by the funeral procession" [Read More]
"It's really cool the Clintons come out and hang out..." [Read More]
" plays as a politically motivated Trump Twitter rant" [Read More]
"It was designed for 3,000 students; only 100 now show up." [Read More]
"...we live in different times." [Read More]