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The elimination of some popular deductions could expose more of the average household's income to taxes. [Read More]
President Trump's business tax cuts will be cheered in corporate boardrooms, but critics say they'll add trillions to the national debt. [Read More]
President Trump blames Canada in latest trade tiff — slapping a roughly 20 percent tariff on softwood lumber entering the United States from Canada. [Read More]
The Trump administration has a long list of campaign promises to work on — and a longer list of positions that remain empty. [Read More]
The odds of getting bumped from your next flight on a U.S. carrier are very small, but a lot depends on which airline you choose... [Read More]
Voters who wish to hold Trump to his ambitious "Contract with the American Voter" would do well to read the fine print. [Read More]
Oil and gas professionals and hiring managers have different expectations for an industry recovery, a survey shows. [Read More]
Here's why the GOP appears to be coming up short on a bill to repeal and replace key portions of Obamacare. [Read More]
The White House posted a link to what appeared to be a favorable review of Trump's budget proposal. Wrong! [Read More]
Governors are worried that the proposed GOP health care plan could hurt their budgets. Now municipal bond holders can share those concerns. [Read More]
These eight properties are losing more than one anchor tenant. [Read More]
Donald Trump wasted little time Friday warning German Chancellor Angela Merkel that trade relations with one of America's biggest export markets may be up for... [Read More]
Trump and Merkel have expressed vastly different views in the past, and speak after a meeting with executives. [Read More]
The Trump administration's proposed budget cut for a particular program could provoke political backlash in both red and blue states. [Read More]
A by-the-numbers CNBC analysis of the companies reveals a wide variety of owners and other details. [Read More]
"We're going to use the full economic powers of our country to protect our workers," Trump said. [Read More]
If the Federal Reserve had any doubts about raising interest rates, the government's latest inflation data should help put them to rest. [Read More]
The broker/dealer operations at New York Stock Exchange member firms booked $17.3 billion in profits in 2016. [Read More]
More than two years after oil prices crashed, the sector is enjoying a revival thanks to a gradual rise in prices. [Read More]
The Trump administration crackdown on unauthorized workers will make it hard to fulfill his promise to boost economic growth. [Read More]