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The International Space Station provides a spectacular perch to view the Earth. In daylight hours, that view is dominated by highlights the world's natural colors…... [Read More]
National Public Lands Day is dedicated to volunteer efforts at all types of public space across the country. [Read More]
A Reuters photo from today paints the lack of agreement all too clearly—long with a possible view of things to come. [Read More]
Toppled scaffolding, broken windows and a landslide. [Read More]
Its powerful winds subsided, the most dangerous aspect of Florence lingers: Floodwaters The once-powerful hurricane, downgraded to a tropical storm after landfall, is now categorized…... [Read More]
Powerful imaging satellites and photos from the International Space Station can offer a wide look at the entire planet, but they can also zoom into…... [Read More]
Hoping to grow its footprint in world trade and polar research, China on Monday (Sept. 10) unveiled its first icebreaker ship built domestically. Arctic Today…... [Read More]
Florence has company. As the United States' eastern coast prepares for the category 4 hurricane, new satellite images show two more storms moving across the…... [Read More]
Hurricane Florence, currently a Category 4 storm that could make landfall along the southeastern US coast later this week, was spotted by the crew of…... [Read More]
Jebi, Japan's largest typhoon in a quarter century, has left behind it a trail of wreckage. Some of the most pronounced damage was seen near…... [Read More]
Jebi has flooded a major airport and smash a tanker into a bridge. [Read More]
At the US Open, Serena Williams prevailed 6-1, 6-2 when the two played each other professionally for the 30th time. [Read More]
Thirteen years ago today (Aug. 29), Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi as a Category 3 storm. It remains one of the deadliest…... [Read More]
The call began awkwardly, as all teleconferences are seemingly required to do by law, with one party remaining silent. [Read More]
Glitchy, confusing, and unproductive, the modern conference call is the bane of the white-collar working world. So why did US president Donald Trump think this…... [Read More]
Pictures show how the outer reaches of Hurricane Lane are drenching the islands with heavy rains. [Read More]
The outer reaches of Hurricane Lane are drenching Hawaii with heavy rains, in some places as much as 20 inches (50 centimeters), the AP reports.…... [Read More]
Hurricane Lane is (slowly) moving toward Hawaii, the most dangerous major storm to threaten the islands in 26 years, CNN reports. Even if the Category…... [Read More]
Art is sometimes the easiest way of understanding the mysterious and unknowable. The Art of Neuroscience competition, organized by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, solicited…... [Read More]
Atolls are tantalizing in their size, shape, and isolation. The tiny ring-shaped islands formed by build up of coral from previous volcanic islands evoke the…... [Read More]