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Business in the front, party in the back! The okapi is also known as the zebra giraffe because, well, it looks exactly like a cross... [Read More]
To give your Friday a mega-boost, launch the gallery and checkout these fifteen photos I hand selected to create a delicious blend of adorable, cute,... [Read More]
Welcome to March, and welcome to National Pig Day! The day was conceived of and implemented in 1972 and is a day to celebrate pigs.... [Read More]
Happy International Polar Bear Day! The day was established to raise awareness about the impact of global warming and reduced sea ice on their habitat,... [Read More]
The adorable bundle of photos is back for the weekend! Packed into this gallery are all sorts of animals including a pig, a kangaroo and... [Read More]
The best way to describe the pangolin is probably that it looks like an anteater and a snake had babies. Obviously, snakes breeding with other... [Read More]
I'd like to gloss over the fact that "Tuesday Moose Day" is an imperfect rhyme at best, and just go straight to telling you that... [Read More]
A lot of people think Presidents' Day is about Washington's birthday or a day to reflect and celebrate all US presidents, but in actuality, it... [Read More]
Are you ready for World Whale Day? This Sunday, February 18th, it's time to learn about, appreciate, and celebrate, the mighty whale. It's no fluke... [Read More]
On the heels of Valentine's Day comes National Hippo Day, another day for love and adoration. "What?!" you say, "Another made-up holiday to get people... [Read More]
Happy Valentine's Day! To those of you celebrating happily today: it's a wonderful opportunity to express your love for another. To those of you not... [Read More]
This past Friday was National Pizza Day. In my house, every Friday is Pizza Day, but hey, I'm not complaining and neither are these pets... [Read More]
Not to be outdone by the Olympics, the 142nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show takes place this coming Monday and Tuesday! It seems appropriate... [Read More]
The Winter Olympics begin tomorrow! To get you even more invested in these amazing athletes, I have a gallery of childhood photos of some of... [Read More]
Meet the ermine aka stoat aka short-tailed weasel aka Mustela erminea. As skilled hunters, they're a danger to birds, rabbits, and other small rodents, and... [Read More]
The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII last night in an exciting (and very crazy) game. To commemorate their first Super Bowl win, I've put... [Read More]
This Sunday at 6:30pm EST, the New England Patriots play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. Vegas has the Patriots favored by 4.5 points... [Read More]
  The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang begin next week! Last week, the Daily Cute presented a gallery of U.S. Olympians having a photo shoot with... [Read More]
You'd think after posting the Daily Cute for all this time, I'd be pretty in-the-know on all the animals fit to print. Thanks to my... [Read More]
Another Monday is upon us, so it's understandable if you needed a little badgering to get out of bed this morning. These badgers from around... [Read More]