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The company added 8.8 million subscribers worldwide in the fourth-quarter. But it provided a weaker-than-expected earnings forecast for the current first quarter. [Read More]
With CFO Tim Stone's departure, the conga line of departing honchos just got longer. It looks like careers there last about as long as the... [Read More]
William Barr, President Donald Trump's nominee for attorney general, said he wants to take a closer look at Silicon Valley., Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, and... [Read More]
The cloud deal between Microsoft and Walgreens enables both companies to compete with and continues the trend of collaboration between the tech and health... [Read More]
American consumers shelled out a record $126 billion in online retail spending from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, a daily average that topped $2 billion... [Read More]
VC investments have surged to a record $138 billion in U.S. start-ups last year, the most since 2000. It has echoes of the climate in... [Read More]
Smart homes and AI spoke to the future. But Delta's biometric ID is happening now. And then there's this year's report on driverless cars. [Read More]
The San Francisco–based company, whose public offering valued it at $12.7 billion, could trigger a wave of high-profile technology listings this year. VCs and executives... [Read More]
Pablo Delcan Facebook (ticker: FB) has more than a privacy crisis on its hands. Now, less than half of Americans trust the social... [Read More]
Tiernan Ray for Barron's  (AMZN) is on a "long runway" to retail success, a Wells Fargo Securities  survey of consumers. [Read More]
Stocks are rising as benign inflation trumps Rex Tillerson's exit. Also earnings and guidance from Delta Air Lines, United Continental, and U.S. Steel, and the... [Read More]
With the Dow Jones Industrial Average set for a slightly higher open, today's Morning Movers...•...considers the next risk to worry about for the. [Read More]
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is off 250 points this morning following Gary Cohn's resignation, but there's more news than that. In today's. [Read More]
Maybe it won't be that bad after all for the U.S. stock market today. Getty Images Stocks were looking set to... [Read More]
In today's Morning Movers...  Stocks will try to bounce back from their worst day since more than two weeks. Lowe's and Valeant sink... [Read More]
Stocks look set for a slightly lower open this morning ahead of Fed Chair Jerome Powell's testimony to Congress, while Macy's is soaring following earnings... [Read More]
Jobs' job application from 1973 is up for auction, while Wozniak blasts President Donald Trump at an economic summit in India. [Read More]
Tiernan Ray for Barron'sNvidia (ticker: NVDA) is slowly picking up some formidable competitors in the A.I. chip-making business.Amazon (AMZN) has. [Read More]
The long-time technology partners have several things in mind, including integrating Cortana with Xiaomi's new smart speaker, Mi AI Speaker. [Read More]
In the shadows of a city block teeming with Starbucks and Peets Coffee, the latest creation of Cafe X offers a quick caffeine jolt and... [Read More]