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which conducts AI research - is giving its AI algorithms an imagination, so they can predict how a situation might play out. [Read More]
A study has found that bacteria living under the foreskin can increase the HIV risk. [Read More]
A photojournalist has captured some stunningly somber views of animals inside zoos, showing what life is like in captivity. [Read More]
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg locked proverbial horns this week, as Musk took to Twitter to fire a short... [Read More]
Google has revealed it is helping make fusion power a reality, by joining forces with a private fusion company to create machine learning algorithms that... [Read More]
In a study, 1,257 people took part in six online experiments designed to test this hypothesis. [Read More]
Scientists have said that people with HIV could be treated with an injection, rather than taking daily pills. [Read More]
The Japanese health ministry says a woman that died last year may be the first person to contract a deadly tick-borne disease from another mammal. [Read More]
The incredibly sad and tragic case has garnered headlines for all the wrong reasons. Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London, where Charlie has been... [Read More]
SpaceX are hoping to complete an unmanned flight of the capsule in February 2018, with a manned flight in June 2018. Boeing is targeting a... [Read More]
In a major breakthrough, engineers have said they may have found some of the melted radioactive fuel from one of Fukushima's reactors. [Read More]
Musk tweeted he had "verbal government approval" to build his Hyperloop idea on the east coast of the USA. It didn't go down too well. [Read More]
Scientists have found evidence that the Moon may contain vast amounts of water in its interior, which could be hugely beneficial for future lunar explorers... [Read More]
The images were taken by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on NASA's Landsat 8, which orbits at an altitude of about 705 kilometers (438 miles). [Read More]
A team of scientists has found evidence for an unusual particle that, bizarrely, is also its own antiparticle. It was first theorized 80 years ago,... [Read More]
A swimming robot that was sent into one of Fukushima's flooded reactors has returned its first images and footage, a key step towards locating nuclear... [Read More]
The gif is stitched together from 13 images taken by Hubble over 22 minutes. Astronomers hadn't planned to capture Phobos too, it just happened to... [Read More]
People have built a shrine to the robot in Washington DC. And they've also given it a name: Steve. [Read More]
Scientists have discovered that the center of our galaxy may trap some of the highest-energy cosmic rays, producing bursts of gamma-rays that head our way. [Read More]
Elon Musk has revealed a ton of new information about his plans for the future of space exploration. This includes his ideas for going to... [Read More]