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Scientists have discovered that nearby pulsars, neutron stars that spin incredibly quickly, are unlikely to be the source of antimatter reaching Earth. [Read More]
Today the meteor shower is at its peak, which means tonight you can expect to see about 10 to 15 meteors per hour when night... [Read More]
While some had a rather harrowing experience, others survived their missions and had a relatively normal life back on Earth. [Read More]
55 Cancri e is likely to have an atmosphere with similar ingredients to ours, but much thicker. [Read More]
This outburst of energy was considerably brighter than a regular supernova, located in a galaxy 2.4 billion light-years away. [Read More]
Last week on November 9 and 10, the Flat Earth International Conference took place in Raleigh, North Carolina. [Read More]
A study appears to have found a link between video games like League of Legends and intelligence. [Read More]
A group of scientists has revealed they have sent a detailed message to a nearby planet in the hope of contacting alien life — and... [Read More]
Some of the unusual properties of the object point to it being composed of "macro dark matter". [Read More]
The idea is to use technology touted by the Breakthrough Starshot project, namely using extremely large sails measuring tens of kilometers across to reach... [Read More]
Scientists have discovered what they say is the closest temperate planet to Earth around a quiet star — one that could host liquid water. [Read More]
NASA has picked the first targets in the cosmos for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) to observe, and there are some exciting things on... [Read More]
A recent study claims that people who are gluten-sensitive may not actually be as sensitive as they think they are. Instead, something else may be... [Read More]
A coffee-related brainteaser posted on Twitter has left quite a few people stumped — but the answer is fairly simple once you look at it. [Read More]
Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) Dream Chaser had a successful "free flight" test on Saturday, November 11. [Read More]
Sometimes even the best of us have our moments of weakness. And that applies even to NASA, it would seem. [Read More]
NASA's Juno spacecraft has completed its eighth close flyby of Jupiter, returning some stunning images to Earth. [Read More]
Scientists have abandoned their attempts to save the world's last vaquita porpoises, in a heartbreaking moment for animal conservation. [Read More]
An experimental SpaceX rocket engine exploded during a test last Saturday, November 4, according to the company. [Read More]
Scientists are to announce they have successfully grown human brain organoids inside the brains of lab rats and mice. [Read More]