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Several men have admitted to U.S. prosecutors that they hijacked an army of home devices capable of taking down big parts of the internet in... [Read More]
Born of crooked ingenuity or the sheer demand of other bad guys needing a lift, scammers appear to have hijacked the ride-sharing platform to drive... [Read More]
Russian crime forums have been using the home-sharing service to shuffle around cash under the table, sometimes with the help of legitimate Airbnb hosts. [Read More]
A London practice allegedly retaliated against cyberattackers who stole photos of its celebrity clients. It's not the only one escalating the fight against hackers. [Read More]
It turns out the highly unsecured SS7 global communications backbone—and a surveillance favorite for spies—is disturbingly cheap and easy to for anyone to get access... [Read More]
The Government wants to prevent 'white hat hacking' being used as a defense—showing how dangerous the legal system is for security researchers. Joseph Cox... [Read More]
'Bad Rabbit' hit media organizations and other targets this week and utilizes an exploit revealed by the U.S. losing control of its hacking tools. [Read More]
Update your phone as soon as possible, but don't freak out about KRACK, the WiFi security issue with a very scary name. [Read More]
America's eavesdropping agency has a massive problem, former operators say. It's alarmingly easy to walk out with classified data. [Read More]
Custom encrypted phones are often linked to serious organized crime. But an intense rivalry has sparked between those selling the custom devices. [Read More]
Researchers tracking a Russian hacker group's control center found a speck of pixels from China that were piggybacking their infiltration. And then things got even... [Read More]
"We're really at a point now where the only safe assumption is that once a company is breached, someone has all your data." [Read More]
Supporters of the so-called Islamic State make extensive use of social media to spread propaganda and connect, but that is also working against them. [Read More]
Companies are starting to hack back against companies to try to prevent—or at least limit the damage of—Equifax-style disasters. One problem: It's not all that... [Read More]
In an alarming sign of weak election security, researchers managed to create a program that would shift votes from one candidate to another. [Read More]
Instagram is making an apparent effort to seize the initiative after a massive data hack, but the hackers say their plan to kick them offline... [Read More]
The floodwaters haven't even receded yet, but Texans and those trying to help them are already getting hit with a wave of online fraudsters and... [Read More]
Issues with the SS7 network only really entered the public consciousness a few years ago. But the telecom community has known about the issues for... [Read More]
Dutch cops may have used a booby-trapped file on the dark web to lure suspected criminals into exposing their IP addresses. [Read More]
The channel was online for at least a month advertising sanction-beating military goods—before YouTube abruptly took it down. [Read More]