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One gun show that columnist Joe Gerth visited in Cincinnati bans the sale of Nazi memorabilia and racist and sexist merchandise.        ... [Read More]
On Tuesday, news broke that the iconic Joe Huber's Family Farm & Restaurant in Southern Indiana is being sold. Let's hope the sellers don't... [Read More]
When Bevin attacks the media, he's scared of what they might find... [Read More]
When Bevin gets strident and belittling and refuses to answer important questions, you know Courier Journal reporter Tom Loftus is on to the truth.      ... [Read More]
Gov. Matt Bevin on Monday likened indentured servitude to apprenticeship programs. Was it just Bevin being Bevin and not thinking before he speaks?       ... [Read More]
Both parties have been home to racists at one time or another. The problem is that many GOP policies are racist.        ... [Read More]
As long as the finger of guilt is being pointed at Mike Pence, he ought to go ahead and cop to writing the op-ed.      ... [Read More]
Fifteen months ago Lexington was dealing with serious panhandling problems, but not anymore.        ... [Read More]
It's hard to imagine Alison Grimes rebounding from her father's 10-count indictment involving her campaign.        ... [Read More]
After it took the Metropolitan Sewer District more than three weeks to do a simple project, Shawn Reilly went to Lowe's and went to work.... [Read More]
Meade County is promoting Louisville's old Civil War monument, but it's missing a chance to tell the truth about slavery, treason and an awful war.... [Read More]
A Kentucky legislator wants "In God We Trust" posted in all public schools. But what about those who believe in other gods or no gods... [Read More]
The state's counteroffer leaves decision-making on many school-related issues where it should be: with the Jefferson County School board.        ... [Read More]
The new Kentucky International Convention Center is an improvement over the last two iterations, which have been u-g-l-y.        ... [Read More]
Sometimes who showed up is as noteworthy as who didn't. This year's crowd at Fancy Farm included potential gubernatorial candidates, but no Matt Bevin... [Read More]
Judging by the jabs taken at an absent Matt Bevin and Democrats like Andy Beshear and Alison Grimes, the governor's race is on everybody's minds.... [Read More]
If Kentucky is going to pay for religious education, we ought to make schools adhere to academic standards.        ... [Read More]
A last-minute tax reform bill, combined with a Supreme Court ruling and state Revenue Cabinet rulings are hurting Kentucky churches and nonprofits. [Read More]
A flier urging the state to break up JCPS into several smaller districts is classist at best, racist at worst.        ... [Read More]
What's more American than barbecue ribs for the Fourth of July? Joseph Gerth sampled some of the best so you don't have to.       ... [Read More]