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The Saturday Soapbox article titled "Inform yourselves, act for human survival" was truly a soapbox of ideas. Unbelievable fake news was presented. [Read More]
Malcom Forbes said on Fox News that with the tax cuts, we should see a 5 to 6 percent growth in the GDP. Just as... [Read More]
In reference to the recent article "The mystery of breast cancer", there are some reason(s) for the upswing in many thousands of women suffering from... [Read More]
America's choice has been made, it is for a strong president who upholds hard-fought, long-held values and ideals; we have rejected Obama's legacy as a... [Read More]
I have waited for the past 20-plus years of elections for a person to beat down the misrepresentation from the mainstream press. I have also... [Read More]
Funeral services for Joyce Johnson, 67, of Lexington, will be at 3 p.m. today at Southern Funeral Home, Lexington. She died Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016,... [Read More]