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Southern Command head says army 'determined' to destroy all underground terror infrastructure, after striking alleged Hamas cross-border passageway... [Read More]
Shin Bet says 26-year-old Taibe resident tried — and failed — to recruit others to join him during summer's Temple Mount crisis... [Read More]
Police feared Royals would never tour NZ again and that country would be 'laughingstock' of British press, report says... [Read More]
Iranian president hails 2015 pact as 'long-lasting victory' for his country, after US waives sanctions renewal 'for the last time'... [Read More]
After neighbors report hearing screams in Tirat Carmel home, authorities find body of man in his 60s in suspected murder... [Read More]
Three women and one man tell police they were assaulted in separate incidents; suspects arrested in all but one case... [Read More]
Army says it dispersed Israelis who have been involved in eight such attacks since drive-by killing of rabbi by Palestinians... [Read More]
Army denies Palestinian claims the passage -- the third destroyed by Israel in two months -- was used for smuggling... [Read More]
Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu makes an emotional visit this week to a Jewish centre targeted in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, in a trip that India's... [Read More]
Critics never took to Michael Curtiz, the Hungarian Jew who directed 'Casablanca. Film scholar Alan K. Rode's new book tells us why... [Read More]
Leaving Israel for week-long trip to India, PM alludes to Palestinian reports of IDF strikes, says air force did not 'just target sand dunes'... [Read More]
Organizers say some 60,000 people joined Vienna demonstration against anti-immigrant Freedom Party's inclusion in newly formed coalition... [Read More]
Kosovan justice minister says Moshe Harel must be 'brought to justice for these acts,' which he claims have hurt the Balkan country's image... [Read More]
Despite potential of Yesh Atid alliance, Kahlon says his faction will run alone; survey says ruling party would eke out a win over Lapid if... [Read More]
Netanyahu's son was set to accompany his parents on the high-profile trip; PMO declines to say if the change of plans is connected to the... [Read More]
Closing of Kerem Shalom, once a rare move, comes for second time in under a month as Israel puts pressure on Hamas to crack down... [Read More]
Attack on undisclosed target near Egyptian border follows Israeli announcement that the Kerem Shalom Crossing would be closed Sunday... [Read More]
Pilot program raises cutoff age for mandatory military service for men from 33 to 34, extends duration from 18 to 24 months... [Read More]
Manhunt for terrorists behind Tuesday's northern West Bank shooting attack enters fourth day; army says checkpoints remain in place... [Read More]
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