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DC attorney general says email exchange shows Facebook knew of data harvesting prior to Guardian report... [Read More]
A year after devastating revelations of data misuse, Mark Zuckerberg still hasn't fulfilled his promises to reform... [Read More]
The Oscar-winning director presents a sympathetic portrait of the Silicon Valley CEO who fooled the world into believing she had built a better blood test... [Read More]
Video, in which the company's top brass seek to reassure employees, was characterized by Breitbart as evidence of bias... [Read More]
Notorious 58-story high rise building has already sunk significantly and tilted 18 inches to the north-west... [Read More]
Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg among those called to testify, and Alex Jones makes an appearance — but Google bosses stay home... [Read More]
Facebook and Twitter executives are testifying in attempt to assure lawmakers they will protect midterm elections from foreign interference... [Read More]
'Appetite suppressant' lollipops and 'detox' teas have been promoted by the company's hand-selected celebrities and Instagram models... [Read More]
Donald Trump's claim that search results that are 'rigged' and 'controlling' ignores facts... [Read More]
The actor has been critical of Asian representation in Hollywood — even if it's meant offending Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon. Now her new film... [Read More]
As Weinstein's lawyer lambasts 'hypocrisy' over new sexual assault allegation against Argento, feminists urge caution... [Read More]
President suggests first target would be DoJ official Bruce Ohr amid report a list of prominent figures has been drafted... [Read More]
As wildfires burn across the state, residents view the destruction first-hand: 'That was a moment I'll never forget'... [Read More]
As wildfires burn across the state, residents view the destruction first-hand: 'That was a moment I'll never forget'... [Read More]
Platform bars rightwing 'western chauvinist' group for violating its policy against violent extremists... [Read More]
Second-quarter loss bigger than expected amid controversy over Elon Musk's remarks... [Read More]
Firm sued Martin Tripp after Elon Musk claimed the ex-technician had attacked Tesla computer systems... [Read More]
The sprawling internet theory, beloved by Trump supporters, has ensnared everyone from Tom Hanks to Hillary Clinton... [Read More]
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more pledged to take action against hate groups. Why isn't it working? [Read More]
CEO Satya Nadella attributes the strong results to reorganizing the company's engineering teams to prioritize cloud computing and artificial intelligence... [Read More]